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  • PRO11 | Pt100 4-wire - high precision thermometer, graphic display
PRO11 | Pt100 4-wire - high precision thermometer, graphic display

PRO11 | Pt100 4-wire - high precision thermometer, graphic display

Update Terakhir 11 / 02 / 2024
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Detail PRO11 | Pt100 4-wire - High Precision Thermometer, Graphic Display

Data Logger

The Senseca PRO 13x is a 2-channel portable temperature instrument designed for use with thermocouple probes. It is compatible with a wide range of thermocouples, including K, J, T, N, R, S, B, and E types. These portable instruments deliver fast and precise results by calculating temperature differences between the two channels.
The PRO 11x is designed to work with 4-wire Pt100 temperature sensors. Both models do not require additional software. In addition to CSV files, the free user-friendly basic ProXware PC application software allows for the analysis of a large amount of logged data.

Calibration reports or DAkkS/ACCREDIA certificates can be provided upon request. Usefully, the device keeps track of the last calibration date, issuing a reminder when recalibration is due.

Depending on the thermocouple probes used, various measurement ranges are supported by the PRO 13X:

K: -220.0…+1372.0 °C / -364.0…+2501.6 °F
J: -200.0…+1100.0 °C / -328.0…+2012.0 °F
N: -200.0…+1300.0 °C / -328.0…+2372.0 °F
S: -50.0…+1750.0 °C / -58.0…+3182.0 °F
T: -200.0…+400.0 °C / -328.0…+752.0 °F
E: -60.0…+850.0 °C / -76.0…+1562.0 °F
B: +300…+1750 °C / +572…+3182 °F
R: +870…+1450°C / +1600-2640°F

The manometer features a user-friendly and easily readable 140 x 160 dot matrix backlit text display that offers various measurement views, including real-time plot diagrams with added statistical functions like Min, Avg, Max.

Users can set up favorite functions for quick access through the menu list. The IP67 waterproof housing, equipped with a built-in foldable stand and magnet, provides flexibility and durability, with resistance to shocks and impacts. It also features a long-lasting battery and can be connected to an external 5V power supply via a USB-C port.

Measuring range:
-200…+850 °C / -328…+1562 °F
0.01 °C/°F (-199.99 °C/°F < t < +199.99 °C/°F)
0.1 °C/°F (remaining range)
resolution 0.01: ±(0.03 °C + 0.06% of measured value) ± 1 digit
resolution 0.1: ±(0.1 °C + 0.2% of measured value) ± 1 digit
According to IEC 60751