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  • Multichanel Temperature Detector HTM 200 Brand Hantek
Multichanel Temperature Detector HTM 200 Brand Hantek

Multichanel Temperature Detector HTM 200 Brand Hantek

Update Terakhir 23 / 05 / 2023
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Detail Multichanel Temperature Detector HTM 200 Brand Hantek

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HTM200 Series Multi-channel Temperature Detector

HTM200 series handheld multi-channel temperature detector is controlled by high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor, which can collect multi-channel temperature data in real time at the same time, support list display and bar graph display, upper and lower limit alarms, and adapt to 11 types of thermocouples. The measurement data is stable and accurate, and it has the function of spouse detection; it comes standard with U disk storage, supports optional SD card, which is convenient for data storage, export and printing; supports optional Bluetooth and 4G functions, which is convenient for remote data collection

Adopt 18650 standard lithium battery, support Type-C charging;
The digital signal and the analog signal adopt the isolation design, which can carry out the live test, which is safe and reliable;
320*240 TFT high-definition display screen Intuitively display multi-channel real-time signal changes, switch temperature lists and bar graphs in real time;
Support the test of 11 types of thermocouples such as J/K/T/E/S/N/B/R/A/C/D;
The machine saves the settings of the last shutdown by default, which is convenient for engineers to measure and record;
Standard U disk storage function, support optional Micro SD card data storage;
Over-temperature alarm control: When the set temperature is higher than the upper limit or lower than the lower limit, the buzzer will sound for a long time;
Standard Type-C communication function, support optional Bluetooth module/4G communication module;
Equipped with Windows and Android data acquisition terminals, supporting multi-platform data acquisition and monitoring;
Widely used in cold storage, warehouse temperature, surface measurement of electronic components and other fields.

Graduation number
11 kinds of thermocouples: J/K/T/E/S/N/B/R/A/C/D type
Basic accuracy
Type K thermocouple:
-200°C to 0°C error is ±1.2°C
The error from 0°C to 1370°C is ±0.8°C
(excluding thermocouple error)
Temperature measurement range
Type K thermocouple: -200°C to 1370°C
Each channel can be corrected
Support upper and lower limit alarms
Support list display and bar graph display
Cold Junction Compensation
Accuracy: 0.5℃
Software support
Android and Windows data acquisition software
Support U disk (standard) and Micro SD card (optional) to save in real time
Communication Interface
USB-Type C communication (standard), Bluetooth and 4G communication (optional)
Maximum withstand voltage between channels
Channel maximum input voltage
Plug-in terminal type
E0308 Tube Terminal Blocks
2.8 inch TFT-LCD display;
USB communication, compatible with SCPI instruction set;
Support Chinese and English;
Backlight brightness adjustment;
Shutdown time settings
General characteristics
Operating environment
Storage environment
Preheat time
>30 minutes
Power Requirements
Input: 100VAC ~ 240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Output: 5V/2A DC
Battery parameters
Two 3.7V 18650 lithium batteries
Working hours
>15 hours
Working power consumption
Size and weight
Size: 200mm*98mm*40mm
Weight: 600g.