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HD2013DB Rain Indicator

HD2013DB Rain Indicator

Update Terakhir 14 / 04 / 2022
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Detail HD2013DB Rain Indicator

Data Logger
Rain indicator Data Logger with LCD display; reads and stores up to 32,255 pulses coming
from a rain gauge with tipping bucket. Measurement compensation as a function of the
rainfall rate. It is equipped with insulated RS232C serial output. It includes HD32MTLogger
software downloadable from Delta OHM web site. 3.6V lithium battery power supply. IP67
protection degree. Suitable for any kind of rain gauge. Supplied with 4-pole and 8 pole M12
female connectors. The cables HD2110RS and CP25 for data download have to be
ordered separately.
HD32MTLogger USB flash drive with software HD32MTLogger for configuration, data download, monitor and PC data management.
For Windows® operating systems. For HD2013-DB data logger.

CP2013-DB 1 m 4-pole cable to connect the rain gauge to the HD2013-DB fixed to the support staff. 4-pole M12 female connector
on one side, open wires on the other side. For HD2013-DB data logger.

HD2110RS Serial connection cable with 8-pole M12 female connector on the instrument side and 9-pole SubD female connector for
RS232C on the PC side. 2 m length. For HD2013-DB data logger.

CP25 Serial connection cable with USB connector on the PC side and 8-pole M12 female connector on the instrument side.
The cable has a built-in USB/RS232 converter and connects the HD2013-DB data logger directly to the PC USB port.

BAT-2013DB 3.6 V lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) not rechargeable battery, capacity 8400 mAh, size C, Molex 5264 2-pole

CONM12.4F 4-pole M12 female spare connector, for connecting the HD2013-DB data logger to the rain gauge at distances greater
than 1 m (max distance allowed by using CP2013-DB).

CONM12.8F 8-pole M12 female spare connector, for connecting the HD2013-DB data logger to the PC at distances greater than 2 m
(max. distance allowed by using HD2110RS)

HD2003.77/40 Clamping to fasten the data logger HD2013-DB to the support staff