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alat senseca delta ohm indonesia }} /> Terlengkap

PT. MITRA KATIGA SEJAHTERA adalah Distributor resmi alat Senseca Delta Ohm indonesia dengan kualitas terbaik dan beraneka ragam. Adapun Parameter yang bisa di ukur oleh Delta ohm adalah:
Air and Wind Speed
CO2-Indoor air Quality
MicroClimate -Thermal Comfort ,WBGT Index ISBB
Pressure,Manometer,Micromanometer-Thermometer Data logger
Soil Moisture
Sound And Vibration, Class 1 Integrating Sound Level meter, Vibration Whole Body and Hand Arm, Building Vibration Kit.
Noise Monitoring station.
Water Analysis
Wheather Station
Delta Ohm HD 32.3 TC & HD 32.3TCA WBGT Index Area Heat Strees Desciption : HD32.3 TC - WBGT Index is an instrument made by Delta Ohm sri for the analysis of WBGT index ( Wet Bulb Glob Temperature : wet bulb temperature and globe thermometer temperature ) in presence or in absence of solar radiation . Description HD32.3 TCWBGT : Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Meter PMV : Predicted Mean Vote HD32.3 TC- WBGT - PMV Index is an instrument made by Delta Ohm Sri For : - Analysis of hot environments using WBGT index ( Wet Bulb Glob Temperature. - Analysis of the moderate warm environmentals using PMV index ( Predicted Mean Vote ) and PPD Index ( Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied).
Alat untuk mengukur Index ISBB.