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  • PRO91 | Combination thermo-manometer, integrated pressure sensor, grap
PRO91 | Combination thermo-manometer, integrated pressure sensor, grap

PRO91 | Combination thermo-manometer, integrated pressure sensor, grap

Update Terakhir 11 / 02 / 2024
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Detail PRO91 | Combination Thermo-manometer, Integrated Pressure Sensor, Grap

Data Logger

PRO91 | Combination thermo-manometer, integrated pressure sensor, graphic display
Both the PRO 2xx and PRO 915 are premium manometers tailored for professional users. They offer an extensive feature set, exceptional durability, and user-friendly operation to ensure safe and reliable use. Notably, the PRO 915 serves as a combined thermo-manometer.

These manometers are equipped with internal digital differential pressure sensors. Different pressure ranges are available based on the model:

• PRO 21x-2: ±20 hPa
• PRO 21x-3: ±200 hPa
• PRO 21x-4: ±500 hPa
• PRO 21x-5: ±2000 hPa
The PRO 2xx models feature a "peak" function for detecting sudden pressure changes, and users can perform zero and slope corrections to maintain measurement accuracy in the face of potential sensor drift. Moreover, the PRO 215 is equipped with a built-in data logger to create real-time plot diagrams with added statistical functions. In addition to CSV files, the free user-friendly basic ProXware PC application software allows for the analysis of a large amount of logged data.

Calibration reports or DAkkS/ACCREDIA certificates are available upon request. Usefully, the device stores the last calibration date, reminding users when it is time for renewal.

Both PRO 2xx and PRO 915 models feature G 1/8 pressure ports, standard equipped with a changeable barbed hose connector compatible for 4 and 6mm inner diameter hoses. The connectors themselves can be easily exchanged for Push-In connectors, screw connectors or miniature quick couplers.

The IP67 waterproof housing (excluding the pressure ports) includes a built-in foldable stand and magnet for flexible use. It is designed to withstand shocks and impacts, offers a long-lasting battery, and can be connected to an external 5V power supply through a USB-C port.
Measuring range:Pressure:
±200 hPa

K:-200…+1370 °C
J:-100…+750 °C
T:-200…+400 °C
N:-200…+1300 °C
R:+200…+1480 °C
S:+200…+1480 °C
B:+200…+1800 °C
E:-200…+750 °CResolution:Pressure: 0.1 hPa
Temperature: 0.1 °CAccuracy:Pressure:
±0.1% FSS (*) ± 1 digit typ. @ 25 °C
±1% FSS ± 1 digit max.

±(0.2 °C +0.2% of measured value) ± 1 digitCold junction accuracy (TC input):±0.3 °C