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DO9766T-R1 – Conductivity Transmitter Brand delta ohm

DO9766T-R1 – Conductivity Transmitter Brand delta ohm

Update Terakhir 19 / 07 / 2021
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Detail DO9766T-R1 – Conductivity Transmitter Brand Delta Ohm

Conductivity meter

DO9766T-R1 transmitters convert the output of a conductivity electrode with temperature compensation into a 4÷20 mA signal.

Housing dimensions 122 x 120 x 57 mm with dual LCD (measurement + temperature), output 4…20mA. The cell constant, the range and the temperature coefficient are completely configurable. 2-wire passive transmitter or 4-wire active transmitter.

Power supply in active mode 24Vac, on request 230Vac, in passive mode 10…35Vdc.

The electrode input circuit is galvanically insulated against the 4÷20 mA output signal.

The LCD indicator allows viewing of the process signal value and of the various parameters. The accurate design and choice of components make the instrument precise and reliable for a long working life.

The instrument works in conjunction with a conductivity electrode and a temperature probe (Pt100 sensor, 100 Ω at 0°C).