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LPPHOT02 – Photometric Probe for Illuminance brand Delta ohm

LPPHOT02 – Photometric Probe for Illuminance brand Delta ohm

Update Terakhir 17 / 07 / 2021
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Detail LPPHOT02 – Photometric Probe For Illuminance Brand Delta Ohm

Lux meter

Outdoor photometric probe for measuring ILLUMINANCE (0…150 Klux), CIE photopic filter, diffuser for cosine correction. mVdc output for klux. Complete with Calibration Report. On request 5 or 10m cables with connectors.

LPPHOT02… probe measures illuminance (lux), defined as the ratio between the luminous flux (lumen) passing through a surface and the surface area (m²).
The spectral response curve of a photometric probe is similar to the human eye curve, known as standard photopic curve V(λ). The difference in spectral response between LPPHOT02 and the standard photopic curve V(λ) is calculated by means of the error f1′.

LPPHOT02 is designed and constructed for outdoor installation for long periods. The photometric measurement for external use is used for the measurement of daylight in climatological and meteorological applications.