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YH1610 Color Haze Meter

YH1610 Color Haze Meter

Update Terakhir 23 / 12 / 2022
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Detail YH1610 Color Haze Meter

Testing Instrument

Product Presentation
3nh YH1610 Color Haze Meter can easily realize ASTM D1003 non-compensation method, ISO 13468 compensation method, full light transmittance, haze test.With the precision concave grating and 256 pixel CMOS detector, it can accurately collect the transmittance curve of the transmitted sample, accurately output the various chromaticity data of the transmitted sample, and realize the high precision and repeatable measurement of the transmittance, haze and chromaticity data.

Advantages of YH1610 Haze Meter

1.Double standard ISO & ASTM

Can meet the test standard requirements of different users; meet the standards:ASTM D1003/1044, ISO 13468,ISO 14782,GB/T 2410, JJF 1303-2011,CIE 15.2,GB/T 3978, ASTM E308,JIS K7105,JIS K7361,JIS K 7136

2.Multiple observation light sources

The YH1610 color haze meter provides CIE LAB,XYZ,Yxy,LCh,s-RGB,βxy color space, as well as D65,A,C,D50,D55,D75,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10, F11, F12, CWF, DLF, TL83,TL84,TPL5,U30 observation light sources, which can meet the special measurement needs under different measurement conditions.

3.Easy operation and faster and more accurate measurement

The YH1610 color Haze Meter is equipped with a large-size touch control screen, which is easy and convenient to operate. The 256 pixel dual array CMOS image sensor can realize high accuracy and repeatable transmittance and haze measurement. USB data output unit that interfaces with the laboratory system.

4.Compensation port to make the measurement data more accurate

Meet the standard of ASTM D1003 non-compensation method, ISO 13468 compensation method, it can do full light transmittance, haze test, and provide more accurate test results.

5.Dynamic measurement

Independent light source detector and temperature sensor to monitor the light source and environmental changes at all times to ensure reliable test data.

6.Convenient measurement and wide sample adaptation

Open measurement area for vertical and horizontal testing to accommodate more samples under test.

7.Quality management software

It provides powerful software for measuring and analyzing haze, color and light transmittance, which is suitable for quality monitoring and tabulating management of haze, light transmittance and color data in various industries. Data the management of users on the PC computer, compare the haze, transmittance and color differences, generate test report forms, facilitate customer customization and management.

Application of YH1610 Color Haze Meter

YH1610 Color Haze Meter is widely used in glass processing, plastic processing, film, display screen processing, packaging industry, liquid analysis and other aspects.