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GDD-1A Automatic Volumetric Karl Fischer Mositure Titrator

GDD-1A Automatic Volumetric Karl Fischer Mositure Titrator

Update Terakhir 19 / 07 / 2021
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Detail GDD-1A Automatic Volumetric Karl Fischer Mositure Titrator

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GDD-1A Automatic Volumetric Karl Fischer Mositure Titrator

Our automatic volumetric karl fischer moisture titrator adopts the newest mechanical-electronic technology with humanistic interface. It is reliable with wide measuring range(0.003%100%), high precision and affordable for users. It can determine crystal water, adsorbent water in gas, liquid, solid samples. It can automatically analyze, absorb and discharge liquid, adjust instrument failure, protect important parts, calibrate electrode parameters, etc.

1. It has dual platinum electrode polarization voltage to judge and show the reaction end-point,then stop titration.
2. Fully sealed system, in order to avoid ambient moisture’s penetration.
3. By the function keys,the instrument can absorb reagent, measure, show end point, absorb solvent, discharge waste fluid, stir and adjust speed.
4. Displaying the mixed results simultaneously, titration dynamically display and automatic memory of test data.
5. Automatically deduct drifting value,automatically track the ambient moisture drifting and make sure the test data is precise.
6. The system is fully sealed,it can renew the solvent and discharge waste fluid automatically, to avoid leak out toxic solvent.
7. Instrument status, dip stool sample volume, present time and drifting value,etc could be displayed instantly.
8. The instrument runs smoothly, low noise.


Measuring range 0.003%-100%(water phase content)
Resolution 1μg
Titration repeatability ≤0.01
Titration linear coefficient ≥0.998
Error ≤2%
Test time 2~5 min
Data storage 100 groups
Burette 200ml automatic burette
Titration accuracy 0.001ml
End-point Delay Time 10s~300s adjustable continuously
Power Supply 110~220V/50HZ
Gross weight 5.5kg