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  • TC200 Portable COD measure instrument Brand Twinno
TC200 Portable COD measure instrument Brand Twinno

TC200 Portable COD measure instrument Brand Twinno

Update Terakhir 22 / 01 / 2022
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Detail TC200 Portable COD Measure Instrument Brand Twinno

Alat Laboratorium Air
TC200 portable COD tester

The 200 series portable multi-parameter water quality

tester is widely used in the determination of surface water,

groundwater, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.

It is not only suitable for the field and field rapid water

quality emergency detection, but also for the laboratory water quality analysis.

Product features

1. Portable design, flexible and convenient;

2. It can be measured without preheating and hood;

3. Automatic and manual measurement methods are optional;

4.Determination of a sample in 3 seconds, stable and reliable performance;

5.The measurement process is simple and fast, and it can be directly measured by selecting supporting prefabricated reagent and built-in curve;

6. Simple operation, the concentration can be displayed automatically when inserted into the sample tube, and the analysis report can be generated automatically (in the automatic measurement mode);

7. Users can construct and calibrate their own curves with their own reagents;

8. Good compatibility, the instrument is equipped with SD card, no special software is needed to connect to the computer, the data is read in EXEL or WORD form, and there is time record, the user can view and edit;

9. Backlight display, convenient reading and operation;

10. Undervoltage alarm function.

Technical parameters

Light source: LED Wave length: 420nm, 610nm

Screen display: LCD with backlight

Measurement mode: absorbance, concentration, sample number

Data storage: SD card (FAT32 format), EXCEL/WORD

Sample bottle: 16mm round

Power supply: 2 AA batteries or DC3V/23mA

Operating environment: temperature 5 ~ 40℃, relative humidity not more than 85%

Overall size: 190*96*103mm

Weight: 0.5 kg

Portable COD meter measuring range ( need to be equipped with a digester)
The chemical oxygen demand (CODcr): 3 ~ 150mg/L, 20 ~ 1500mg/L, 200 ~ 15000mg/L

The standard configuration

Main engine, memory card, no. 5 battery *2, power adapter, manual, warranty card/certificate, portable case.