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  • 4℃~6℃ Low temperature ultra high pressure continuous flow cell crusher
4℃~6℃ Low temperature ultra high pressure continuous flow cell crusher

4℃~6℃ Low temperature ultra high pressure continuous flow cell crusher

Update Terakhir 27 / 10 / 2021
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Detail 4℃~6℃ Low Temperature Ultra High Pressure Continuous Flow Cell Crusher

Testing Instrument
4℃~6℃ Low temperature ultra high pressure continuous flow cell crusher
The low-temperature ultra-high pressure continuous flow cell crusher uses ultra-high pressure energy to make the sample instantaneously release through the slit. Under the action of shearing effect, cavity effect and collision effect, the cell is broken, and the substance is homogenized, dispersed, emulsified, and the particle nanometer. Chemical. The whole process is carried out in a low temperature circulating water bath at 4°C - 6°C to maintain the original material activity and performance.

Suitable for universities, research institutes, high-tech companies, biological products, biomedical industries, etc.

1. Bacterial breakage such as Escherichia coli; broken fungus such as yeast/Ganoderma lucidum spores; broken algae such as cyanobacteria/green algae;

2. Broken nematodes and other plant cells;

3. Actinomycetes are broken; thermophilic bacteria are broken, and mycobacteria are broken;

4. Enzyme preparation and isolation; preparation of recombinant polypeptide;

5. Crystal engineering; protein crystals;

6. Emulsion, liposome and other nano-emulsion homogenization; microemulsion, nanosuspension;

7. Chinese herbal medicine broken content;

8. Ultra high pressure mutation breeding;

9. Graphite, carbon nanotubes, nano-carbon powder, nano-polymer materials and other nano-materials, nano-coatings, nano-inks, nano-paints, nano-fuels, etc.
1. The world's only injection, crushing and sampling process is immersed in a 4~6 °C low temperature circulating water bath to maintain the original material activity and performance (optional circulating cooling device)

2. Low temperature circulating water bath type ultra high pressure continuous cell flow crusher suitable for scientific research and continuous production

3. International advanced pressure technical indicators (207Mbar), basically meet user requirements

4. Minimum sample throughput: JN-Mini (3ml), JN-02C (5ml)

5. Diamond crushing valve, its wear resistance is dozens to nearly 100 times that of ceramic or tungsten carbide material

6. The main power uses hydraulic power. It can be stopped, turned on and suspended under high pressure. The pressure remains unchanged.

7. It can be cut off and empty. After feeding, it can be exhausted with only a stainless steel needle and the pressure is constant (patented technology)

8. Advanced new non-polluting materials meet food and drug requirements

9. Can be cleaned in place

10. High strength all stainless steel ultra high pressure pump

11. Use physical crushing method, no chemical residue

12. The sample crushing path container and pipeline are all 316L stainless steel material, anti-pollution and anti-corrosion

13. Safety, hydraulic crushing valve is also agile safety valve

14. The pressure regulating valve is easy to adjust pressure without the need to adjust the spring

15.Main metal seal, no rubber seal accessories

More feature:

1. Perform all kinds of operations as you like with a single click;

2. It can save historical operation records (save time one week), in line with GMP standards;

3. With alarm prompt and over-warning line automatic protection function to prevent misoperation;

4. System pressure and high pressure working pressure are digital;

5. It can save historical alarm records for easy query and maintenance;

6. Real-time display of pressure working curve;

7. Can save one week sampling record;

8. Has the operation authority password restriction function;

9. With emergency stop switch, in case of emergency, cut off the power supply, protect equipment and personal safety.
Power supply
220 V(Host 0.75KW,cooling system 0.45KW)
Flow at the highest pressure
Minimum sample throughput
The whole process of crushing is carried out in a 4 to 6 degree circulating water bath.
Need to purchase low temperature cooling circulating water bath device
The whole process of crushing in the water bath
Use ice water mixture

Power/voltage (KW/V)
Cooling system