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Portable Flue Gas Analyzer VE 5400

Portable Flue Gas Analyzer VE 5400

Update Terakhir 17 / 10 / 2021
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Detail Portable Flue Gas Analyzer VE 5400

Gas Analyzer

VE5400 series portable flue gas analyzer is an ideal analyzer that measures 5 gases with 4 sensors. User-friendly gases selection is implemented in this analyzer. This Portable Flue Gas Analyzer consists of unique features. It has an in-built crystal-clear touch display that enables users to view concentration values of flue gases and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity facilities. Using these facilities, Users can download the stored data as well as print it with any printer using Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Users can compare daily data with charts & graphs to optimize and increase the combustion efficiency.

Simple to set up and easy to operate the system, highly accurate spot and semi-continuous gas testing adaptable to a good sort of applications – ensuring your plant maintains full compliance with safety and emissions requirements.

Customizable to specific gas measurements and process stream conditions, a resilient chrome steel probe extracts the gas sample while advanced real-time operation techniques produce the highly accurate combustion and emissions calculations you would like.

Easy to service and maintain, portable flue gas analyzer is that the ideal choice for industries burning coal, gas, oil, or biomass, including applications in Glass, Power Generation, Hydrocarbon Processing, gas Compressor Stations, Minerals, and Industrial Boilers

portable flue gases are monitored, including oxygen, carbon monoxide gas, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides (both NO and NO2), CO2, sulfide, and hydrocarbons. the quality probe is suitable for many applications and is out there in lengths from 0.3 m (1 ft) to three m (10 ft). High-temperature and DrySampler probes are available for the foremost challenging conditions.

Model 5400
Measuring Range As Per User requirement
Monitoring Parameters O2, CO,CO2, SO2 ,NOX,HCL,HC, As per customer customization available
Resolution 1 ppm
Accuracy + /- 1%
Response Time T90 time < 60 seconds
Display TFT Capacitive Touch Display
Operating Power 3.7V/3000 mAh/12 hours continuous
Digital Output USB