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LPUVA02 – Radiometric Probe for Irradiance Brand Delta ohm

LPUVA02 – Radiometric Probe for Irradiance Brand Delta ohm

Update Terakhir 17 / 07 / 2021
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Detail LPUVA02 – Radiometric Probe For Irradiance Brand Delta Ohm

Alat meteorologi

Radiometric probe for outdoor use for measuring IRRADIANCE in the UVA spectral range (315…400 nm). Supplied with Calibration Report. On request CPM12AA4… cables with 4-pole M12 connector.

The LPUVA02 radiometer measures the broadband UVA irradiance on a plane surface (Watt/ m²). Measured irradiance is the result of the sum of direct solar
irradiance and of diffuse irradiance. TIt can measure as well the UVA irradiance in closed room.

The radiometer is produced in three versions:

  • LPUVA02 – passive – μV per μW/cm² output;
  • LPUVA02AC – active, 4…20 mA current output (0…150 W/m²), integrated transmitter amplifier.
  • LPUVA02AV – active, 0…1Vdc, 0…5Vdc or 0…10Vdc output (0…150 W/m²) to be defined when ordering, integrated transmitter amplifier.