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Laboratory Refrigerator Freezer NLRF-202 Brand Labnics

Laboratory Refrigerator Freezer NLRF-202 Brand Labnics

Update Terakhir 16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail Laboratory Refrigerator Freezer NLRF-202 Brand Labnics

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Laboratory Refrigerator Freezer NLRF-202

Laboratory Refrigerator Freezer NLRF-202 is an ergonomically designed cold storage system with combined top refrigerator and bottom freezer. It is a microprocessor-controlled system that enables effective and safe storage of medicines and chemicals, immunological kits, laboratory media and many other biological materials, etc. It is equipped with a visual and audible alarm system ensuring the safety of the equipment against power or thermostat failure.


Capacity (L) Refrigerator:310 L; Freezer:100 L
Cooling method Refrigerator: Fan-Forced Air Circulation; Freezer: Direct Cooling
Refrigerant HFC
Power consumption(kWh/24h) 5.8
Ambient temperature(°C) 10~32℃
Temperature range(°C) Refrigerator:2℃~14℃; Freezer:(-15℃~-40℃)
Voltage/frequency(V/Hz) 220V/50Hz
Power (W) 520 W
Insulation PURF, 100mm thick
Upper Internal size(W×D×H) 660 × 610 × 800 mm
Lower Internal size(W×D×H) 553 × 524 × 425 mm
External size(W×D×H) 770 × 715 × 1980 mm
Net weight 175 kg


  • Microcomputer digital control and temperature digital display with an adjustment unit of 0.1 ?
  • Buzzer alarm for high and low temperature as well as alarm temperature value can be set as required
  • Multiple protection functions against fluctuations, power failure, sensor error, door ajar, and thermostat failure etc
  • Super thick foam layer and double sealed design door body
  • Single imported compressor system for low failure rate and low energy consumption
  • Chemically stable, CFC-free, hence environmentally safe refrigerant


It is widely used in scientific research institutes, Cell culture laboratories, blood banks, and in areas like Clinical research, Biomedical and biotechnology based industries.