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GD-265E Asphalts Kinematic Viscometer Brand Gold

GD-265E Asphalts Kinematic Viscometer Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 23 / 09 / 2021
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Detail GD-265E Asphalts Kinematic Viscometer Brand Gold

Testing Instrument

GD-265E Asphalts Kinematic Viscometer

The Kinematic Viscometer is designed and made as per the national standard of People's Republic of China GB/T1841 Standard Test Method for Viscosity of Polyolefin Resin Solution. It is used to determine the viscosity of decahydronaphthalene solution of polythene and polypropylene at the stipulated temperature. The Kinematic Viscometer can also be used to determine the viscosity of asphalt at the stipulated temperature as per the industrial standard of People’s Republic of China T0619 Asphalt Kinematic Viscosity Test (Capillary Viscometer Method).

1. It adopts high-precision XMT-FB9542 Series intelligent liquid crystal display temperature controller, which has rapid temperature control, fast response, small overshoot, and the temperature control accuracy reaches ± 0.1 ℃.

2. It adopts hard glass cylinder with temperature resistance up to 180 ℃ and thermal insulation jacket cylinder (called double cylinder), the insulation performance is good, and the samples are clearly observed.

3. It adopts 60YN06 Series motor as bath liquid stirring motor, the temperature in the bathtub is even.

4. It adopts BTA26A SCR and Philips spiral lamp, excellent performance and durable.

5. It adopts desktop and all-in-one design, the instrument has good integrity and easy to use.

6. The key feature of the instrument is is: full spray treatment, durable; double-layer cylinder structure, high-precision temperature control controller, temperature control accuracy is up to ± 0. 1℃; it adopts special high-temperature Cannon-Fenske opaque viscometers(reverse-flow type).


Power supply AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz
Heating power 1700 W
Temperature range Ambient to 180℃)
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃
Mercury-in-glass thermometer
(Scale division 0.1℃)

Bar type, (100 ~ 150) ℃, division value 0.1 ℃

Bar type, (150 ~ 200) ℃, division value 0.1 ℃

Bath capacity about 23 L
Sample quantity You can make determination using 3 capillary viscometers at a time.
Stirring motor (1) Power: 6W (2) Speed: 1200 RPM
Ambient temperature: -10℃~+35℃ -10℃~ +35℃
Relative humidity: <85% <85%
Temperature sensor: RTD, Pt100 RTD, Pt100
Maximum power consumption: 1800 W Maximum power consumption: 1800 W
Capillary viscometer One group of Cannon-Fenske Opaque capillary viscometers; 7 pieces in total. They are N0.200, 300, 350, 450, 500 and 600 (The inner diameters of R tube of them are 1.02, 1.26, 1.48, 1.88, 2.20, 3.10 and 4.00 mm respectively)
Overall dimension 530*400*670mm(Bath is included)