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Integrating Sound level meter and frequency analyzer HD211OL

Integrating Sound level meter and frequency analyzer HD211OL

Update Terakhir 22 / 04 / 2022
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Detail Integrating Sound Level Meter And Frequency Analyzer HD211OL

Sound Level Meter
HD211OL Integrating Sound level meter and frequency analyzer with data logging functions
Specifications: class 1 according to IEC 61672 and IEC 61260
Type Approval: Type Approval Certificate according to IEC 61672:2002
Measurement Range: 20 dB ÷ 140 dB (up to 180 dB with ¼” microphones)
Linearity Range: 110dB
Microphone: ½” (or ¼’ for 180 dB sets) pre-polarized condenser, removable, optimized for free
field measurements, 50mV/Pa. Available also 200 V polarized; optimized for diffuse field (Random
Incidence); for high levels with ¼ diameter (see details on “options” and “microphones” sections)
Preamplifier: removable; can also be connected with extension cable up to 100 m.
Frequency Weightings: A, C, Z parallel; (C and Z for Lpeak). Auxiliary weightings A, B, C, Z or U
Time constants: FAST, SLOW, IMPULSE parallel
Broadband parameters: Lp profile (down to 1/32 s depending on installed options) + 10 freely
Spectral Analysis: octave bands from 16 Hz to 16k Hz and third octave(1) with double bank of filters
from 16 Hz to 20 kHz and 14 Hz to 18 kHz. FFT analysis (option HD2110.O6) with resolution from
1.5Hz to 100Hz.
Statistical Analysis: in 0.5 dB classes with probability distribution calculation and full percentile
levels from L01 to L99
Reverberation Time (2)
: in octave bands from 125Hz to 8kHz and third octave (1) from 100 Hz to 10
kHz according to ISO 3382
Capture and analysis of sound events: with trigger function.
Combined Data logging: Profiles, Reports and Events.
Storage: 8 MB on internal memory or 2 GB on SD Card (opt. HD2010MC)
Interfaces: USB and RS232
I/O: LINE input/output of microphone signal; DC output of LpA FAST; trigger input/output.
Power Supply: 4xAAtype Alkaline or rechargeable batteries or external 12 V stabilized power supply
(1) Opt.HD2110.O1
(2) Opt.HD2110.O4

2. HD21101.Kit1
HD2110L.Kit1 Class 1 sound level meter and analyzer including
o HD2110L sound level meter class 1 and octave band analyzer from 16Hz to 16
o MC21E pre polarized condenser microphone ½”, Free field
o HD2110PEL preamplifier (HD2110PEWL with opt. HD2110.OE)
o HDSAV windscreen,
o HD2110USB cable (alternatively, on request, HD2110RS serial cable for
RS232 connection),
o Noise Studio (*) basic software downloadable from Delta OHM website (see pg. 26 for data analysis software modules)
o Carrying case,
o ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate for sound level meter
o ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate for octave bands filters

3.HD2110L.ENV Kit “Environmental Noise”
o HD2110L.Kit1 Class 1 Integrating sound level meter kit
o HD2110.01 “Third Octave” option
o HD2020 Class 1 sound calibrator
o CH20 Hardware key
o NS5 “Environmental Noise” software module