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Humidity and Temperature Active Transmitters HD2717T.DR

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27 / 02 / 2022
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Detail Humidity And Temperature Active Transmitters HD2717T.DR

Alat Laboratorium Udara

Active transmitters ,Humidity and Temperature Model HD2717.TDR with custom display,with two working relays and one alarm relay,with configurable.


Transmitter, indicator, ON/OFF regulator. Optional custom LCD display. Data logging function, 9000 samples. Two analog outputs in current (0÷20 mA and 4÷20 mA) or voltage (0÷10 Vdc and 2÷10 Vdc). Each analog output can be associated with a user-defined measuring range corresponding to any of the quantities measured or calculated by the instrument (the default configuration is 0÷100 %RH and 0÷100 °C). RS232/RS485 serial outputs for PC connection. It uses interchangeable microprocessor SICRAM2 probes for calibration data storage. 24 Vac/dc or 90…240 Vac power supply (to be specified when ordering). Includes DeltaLog12 software downloadable from Delta OHM website. RS27 cable is included only for transmitters with display with to working relays and one alarm relay,configurable

Model, power supply, type of probe (S.TV – S.TCx.xx – S.TOx) and accessories have to be specified when placing the order.
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