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HD50CR Clean room data logger

HD50CR Clean room data logger

Update Terakhir 12 / 04 / 2022
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Detail HD50CR Clean Room Data Logger

Air Quality Monitor
HD50CR Clean Room ,Relative or differential low-pressure transmitter and data logger designed for wall flush-mounting. Measuring
range ±125 Pa. Automatic calibration of the differential pressure at zero. Electroluminescent LCD display. Brushed
stainless steel front panel.
Input for an optional relative humidity and temperature combined probe. The absolute humidity, the Dew Point
and the wet bulb temperature are calculated.
USB, ETHERNET (proprietary TCP/IP or Modbus TCP/IP protocol) and RS485 Modbus-RTU “Slave”
connectivity. If the data logger is connected via Ethernet and the local network has an Internet connection, the
acquired data are transmitted via e-mail, via FTP and to an HTTP server (Cloud).
Three 0…5/10 V and 0/4…20 mA analog outputs.
Acoustic alarm with internal buzzer, LED visual alarm and sending of alarm e-mails.
External 24 Vac / Vdc ± 10% power supply.
Instrument operating temperature / humidity: -10…+50 °C / 0…85 % RH.
It includes HDServer1 and HD35AP-S softwares downloadable from Delta OHM website.
The combined temperature and relative humidity probe (HP3517E…) has to be ordered separately. The
Ethernet cable is not included. The CP23 USB cable has to be ordered separately.