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HD501NTV Temperature and humidity data logger

HD501NTV Temperature and humidity data logger

Update Terakhir 11 / 04 / 2022
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Detail HD501NTV Temperature And Humidity Data Logger

Air Quality Monitor
Temperature and humidity data logger. Number of samples: Min = 388,560, Max
= 906,640 (depending on the number of stored quantities). Optional custom
(option L) or graphical (option G) LCD display. Fixed vertical probe (with
NTC10KΩ temperature sensor).
Sensors measuring ranges:
temperature: -40…+105 °C
relative humidity: 0…100% RH
Instrument operating temperature / humidity: -20…+70 °C / 0…100 % RH.
Calculated quantities: dew point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity,
mixing ratio, partial vapour pressure.
It includes HDServer1 and HD35AP-S software downloadable from Delta OHM
Supplied with: pair of flanges for wall mounting, M8 connector for connecting the
power supply, operating manual. The SWD10M8 power supply or the CPM8…
power supply cable have to be ordered separately. The Ethernet cable is not
Available version HD5014bNTV with integrated barometric sensor
(300…1100 hPa). Number of samples: Min = 356,180, Max = 906,640
HD5014bNTV: with integrated barometric sensor