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HD2114P.0 Air Speed Micromanometer-Thermometer merk Delta ohm

HD2114P.0 Air Speed Micromanometer-Thermometer merk Delta ohm

Update Terakhir 15 / 07 / 2021
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Detail HD2114P.0 Air Speed Micromanometer-Thermometer Merk Delta Ohm

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Handheld Micromanometer -Thermometer with LCD display for air speed and flow rate measurement by means of Pitot tubes , full scale 20 mbar for speed measurements from 2...55 m/s
Designed to perform measurements in air conditioning, heating and measures the differential pressure by Pitot tubes connected to the inputs of the instrument and achieve the speed and air flow in ducts or vents : also measure temperature with thermocouple K probe .The instrument can be used as thermometer and can be employed with any kind of thermocouple K sensor if standard miniature connector used.
The max ,min,and avg functions include : the relative measurement REL ,the HOLD function ,and the automatic turning 0ff which can be excluded. the instrument have IP66 protection degree.