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HD2050.30 – Directional Sound Source for Façade Insulations Delta ohm

HD2050.30 – Directional Sound Source for Façade Insulations Delta ohm

Update Terakhir 29 / 11 / 2021
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Detail HD2050.30 – Directional Sound Source For Façade Insulations Delta Ohm

Sound System
The ideal tool to create a uniform sound field in front of a building.
HD2050.30 provides not only the high output emission in a frequency range extended from 70 Hz to 20 Hz, which is necessary to minimize background noise contribution, but also a uniform sound distribution, especially at higher frequencies, which is guaranteed by the particular construction of the high frequencies driver.

With this solution, phenomena of sound concentration due to the directionality of the normal transducers when used near the wall, are greatly reduced especially on the high range; measurement accuracy is therefore improved.

High Power Level: with a 129 dB spl, HD 2050.30 loudspeaker allows to perform measurements on high insulated façade even in the presence of high background noise.
Versatility: HD 2050.30 directional loudspeaker can be easily positioned in the typical situations found during façade testing. A specific support is available for 45° positioning both on the land and on the stand; with the latter system user can gain valuable meters in front of the façade, where often space is little. The weight of 13.5 kg is the right compromise between power emission and portability.
Excellent diffusion of acoustic fi eld at high frequency.
Wireless remote control with HD2050.20 digital power amplifier