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HD2050 – Dodecahedral Sound Source for Building Acoustics

HD2050 – Dodecahedral Sound Source for Building Acoustics

Update Terakhir 29 / 11 / 2021
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Detail HD2050 – Dodecahedral Sound Source For Building Acoustics

Sound System
Dodecahedral sound source in accordance with ISO 16283-1, ISO 140-3 and ISO 3382 normatives
To test buildings acoustic insulation, it’s necessary to use sound sources that meet the demands of specific technical ISO standards.

The system is composed of dodecahedron loudspeaker HD2050, digital power amplifier HD2050.20 and related accessories; it allows to perform building and architectural acoustics measurements:

Acoustic insulation
Buildings acoustics
Acoustic absorption
Reverberation time
Room acoustics ( RASTI, STI, Clarity, Definition descriptors etc.)
Pulse response
HD2050 is a sound source able to emit sound energy in the room in a isotropic way with very high very high sound power levels. The HD2050 sound source is designed to offer maximum performances with special attention to international standards in the field of architectural and building acoustics.

The standards it complies with, are EN ISO 140-3:2006 and EN ISO 3382:2001 as concerns directivity.

HD2050 features a wide extension frequency response and provides an emission sound power level of more than 122dB re 1pW. Twelve coaxial loudspeakers arranged on the dodecahedron faces, provide a high acoustic performance. The twelve faces cabinet is multilayer wood made and has a light weight allowing an optimal on site portability. The double components plastic coating VFI-2513 gives the case a high hardness, so to conform ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) standards. A further opaque geal-coat finish makes the cabinet surface scratch and waterproof resistant.