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HD 35 -Wireless Data logger System Merk Delta ohm

HD 35 -Wireless Data logger System Merk Delta ohm

Update Terakhir 15 / 07 / 2021
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Detail HD 35 -Wireless Data Logger System Merk Delta Ohm

Air Quality Monitor

The HD35ED… series of wireless data logging system consists of:

  • One or more HD35ED… series devices: the HD35ED… devices acquire the values measured by the built-in sensors or by the external sensors connected by cable. The data are both stored in the internal memory of the device and transmitted via radio to the receiving unit (base unit/Access Point). Most HD35ED… devices are battery operated and do not require power connections.
  • An HD35AP… base unit (Access Point): receives the measured values from all HD35ED… devices and transmits them to the PC. The HD35AP… base unit has an internal buffer battery with limited autonomy, so it must be powered from the outside by connecting it to the appropriate power supply (optional) or to the PC USB port.