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GD-0703-2 Bituminous Mixtures Vibration Wheel Crushed Machines /Gold

GD-0703-2 Bituminous Mixtures Vibration Wheel Crushed Machines /Gold

Update Terakhir 16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail GD-0703-2 Bituminous Mixtures Vibration Wheel Crushed Machines /Gold

Testing Instrument

GD-0703-2 Bituminous Mixtures Vibration Wheel Crushed Machines


The instrument is designed and made as per the Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China JTG E20-2011 “Highway Engineering Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures Test Code”. Using pneumatic loading work method, it is suitable for hot mix asphalt material to simulate the situation on site to make asphalt specimen. The specimen can be used to make wheel-track test,and it also be cut into rods or coring to do indirect tensile test and residual strain test. This instrument can be made of asphalt test block according to European standard or national standard.

The instrument is calibrated by the Ministry of transportation highway engineering testing instrument Metrological Verification Station, and the test data are in line with the same kind of original imported equipment. It has stable performance, reliable operation.


1. Mitsubishi PLC is used as the core of the control system, which is safe, reliable and stable. The system has a perfect self-protection function and has the ability to work long-term in a complex working environment.

2. Mitsubishi touch screen is selected as the man-machine conversation window. The operation interface is clear and the visibility is good. The Chinese-English dual interface is adopted. Simple setting of operating parameters. Real-time display of working process related data.
3. Vibratory rolling method and adopting Japanese Panasonic inverter can change the vibration frequency arbitrarily between (0~50)Hz which simulate the on-site vibration rolling.

4. Scalloped steel rollers are used for rolling and the rolling speed can be controlled. The operator can select and set the number of rolling compaction per minute.

5. The mold size of wheel grinding machine is 300mm *300mm, 300mm * 400mm, 305mm * 300mm, 305mm * 400mm
Mold thickness size: (50~120)mm, made according to the user's requirements, suitable for wheel-track instrument use.
6. The maximum compaction load is 55KN, which is equivalent to the maximum static rolling compaction wheel on site.

7. With four pressure regulator knobs, the operator can adjust and set the compaction load level.

8. Safe protective door. Open any one of the three protective doors, and the device will shut off the air and power to protect the operator's safety.

9. The test specimen can be used for wheel-track test. Indirect tensile and residual strain tests can be performed after cutting into cylinders or coring.

10. Humanized design, easy insertion and removal of molds.


1. Total power: 2000W

2. Power supply: AC220V, 50 / 60Hz

3. The maximum wheel rolling load: 55kN

4. Rolling range: ± 150mm

5. Rolling speed: adjustable, up to 10 times per minute

6. The specimen plate thickness: 50mm ~ 120mm, adjustable

7. Vibration frequency: 0Hz ~ 50Hz, adjustable

8. Compressed air: 0.6MPa ~ 0.8MPa, 700 L/ min

9. Overall size: 1780mm * 950mm * 1550mm

10. Total weight: about 750kg

Note: 380V/50Hz, 3000W configuration work pump is required.