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Flaked Ice Maker NFIM-100 Brand Labnics

Flaked Ice Maker NFIM-100 Brand Labnics

Update Terakhir 16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail Flaked Ice Maker NFIM-100 Brand Labnics

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Flaked Ice Maker NFIM-100

Flaked Ice Maker NFIM-100 is a compact, water-cooled laboratory machine for ice making with durable stainless-steel construction. Fully automated, it is equipped with high efficiency CFC-free compressor which is economical and consumes less energy. It is designed with hygienic sealed water system with continuous operation for over 24hrs. Flaked ice is especially used in laboratories for keeping reactions cooled.


Type Water-cooled
Ice-making capacity 30 kg/ 24 hr
Ice storage capacity 7 kg
Refrigerant R290, R134A
Power input 220 W
Optimum water pressure 0.2 Mpa – 0.8 Mpa
Ambient operating temperature 20°C
Ambient water temperature 10°C
Dimension 398 × 542 × 700 mm
Packaging dimension 400 × 570 × 640 mm
Net Weight 32 kg
Gross Weight 36 kg


  • Great adaptability, sanitary and convenient to use
  • Self-contained, built-in ice storage bin
  • Fully automated controller
  • Protection against gas leaks and adequate ventilation system
  • Compatible food-grade standard internal components


Widely employed in various areas of pharmaceutical, refrigerated perishables, food industries, biochemical and biological studies, medical laboratories, beverage industries and healthcare.