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Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Update Terakhir 11 / 02 / 2023
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Detail Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Testing Instrument
This product is mainly used for testing the mechanical properties of various metals, non-metals and composite materials.Word amplification and This series of electronic universal testing machine is an economic and practical model developed by our company. This product adopts high-intensity light bar to fix the upper beam and the working table, so as to form a high-rigid frame structure. The motor drives the

beam to Stretch compression space is relatively large, the colum
n spacing is small.LCD display, precision

0.5 level.

acquisition make the display stable, high precision and easy to use.High precision synchronous belt wheel deceleration, with smooth transmission, low noise, long service life and other characteristics;Large liquid crystal display, can display test tensile strength, elongation, maximum strength value, deformation, etc., appearance generous, easy to use, simple operation;With automatic overload protection functionmove up and down through the transmission mechanism to realize the test loading process.