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Fine Dust sampler 2.5

Fine Dust sampler 2.5

Update Terakhir 06 / 03 / 2022
Minimal Pembelian 1 Unit



Detail Fine Dust Sampler 2.5

Dust Monitor
Fine Dust Sampler for PM 2.5 Sampler

Model No : IPM-FDS-2.5µ/10µ

The PM 2.5 Fine Dust Sampler is an advanced sampler conforms to the USEPA and CPCB norms. The flow is controlled by microprocessor based flow controller for maintaining the flow rate constant at 16.67 LPM. All parameters are available at an interval of every 5 minutes and can be downloaded using a USB interface. The calibration certificate is provided with the instrument from Fluid Control Research Institute, Palakkad.

Technical Specifications

PM 2.5 Size Separator
EPA PM 2.5 WINS Impactor
PM 10 Size Separator
EPA Omni-directional ambient particle inlet with 10µ separation assembly & sample transport tube.
Filter Media
47 mm Filter in a Filter Cassette housed in Filter Holder assembly.
Flow Rate Meter & Volume Totaliser (USEPA Procedure Followed)
Flow in LPM on Digital Display with a Resolution of 0.01 LPM under actual operating conditions. Flow rate maintained Constant @ 16.67 LPM with ±2% Accuracy Throughout Sampling Period using Microprocessor Based Digital Flow Controller.
Clock / Timer System
Programmable Real Time control system with automatic start & stop & digital display of date & time & time of sampling. Accuracy ± 2 min / month.
Temperature Sensors
For Ambient temperature & Filter temperature Range - 5°C to 50°C with a Resolution of 0.10C.
Bar Press Sensor
Range 600 to 800 mm Hg. Resolution, 1 mm Hg
20x4 LCD display showing parameters in real time viz.
Flow Rate (16.67) LPM
Volumetric Flow
Barometric Pressure
Ambient Temperature
Filter Temperature
Output Terminal
RS-232C for connection to PC and USB Flash Drive (Optional)
Calibrated from
Fluid Control Research Institute, Palakkad, Kerala
Dimension & Weight
(17x13x19)" /Approx 25 Kg