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Acid Number Tester LAAT-A12 Labtron

Acid Number Tester LAAT-A12 Labtron

Update Terakhir 21 / 02 / 2023
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Detail Acid Number Tester LAAT-A12 Labtron

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Acid Number Tester LAAT-A12

Acid Number Tester LAAT-A12 is automated and controlled by microprocessor unit. It offers 0 to 1800.0 mV potential measurement range and ≥0.05 mg KOH/g acid number measurement range. It works on potentiometric titration principle. Recording the titration of the electrode potential and the titration volume, find out the equivalence point and corresponding titrant volume, and thus obtained the sample pH value. This unit can accurately detect the acid value of transformer oil, turbine oil, anti-oil, diesel, gasoline and other petroleum products. It offers Standard Determination of acid number, Determination of acid number in transformer and turbine oils in service (BTB), ASTM D664-2011).