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GD-0623 Saybolt Viscometer Brand Gold

GD-0623 Saybolt Viscometer Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 23 / 09 / 2021
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Detail GD-0623 Saybolt Viscometer Brand Gold

Testing Instrument

GD-0623 Saybolt Viscometer

1. Our saybolt viscometer is designed and made as per T 0623 Bitumen Saybolt Viscosity Test (Saybolt Viscometer Method) in the JTG E20-2011 Standard Test Methods for Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering.
2. It is suitable to determine the Saybolt viscosity of bitumen and bituminous mixtures under a constant temperature as per T0623.

1. This instrument is composed of bath, temperature controller, parameters display and calculation (calibration coefficient, time, viscosity and so on).
2. This instrument adopts micro computer technology. It equips double lines to detect. It can determine two samples at the same time. It can display the parameters and calculate the arithmetic mean value automatically.
3. This instrument can convert the Saybolt viscosity to Engler viscosity and kinematic viscosity automatically. Operator can get three viscosity data from one test. The work efficiency is high.


Power supply AC(220±10%)V 50H
Instrument structure Desk type
Working mode Double lines,parallel test
Receiving flask (60±0.0)5ml
Heating power of bath 1000W
Working temperature of bath Room temp.∼240.0℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃
Timing range 0.0s∼999.9s
Timing accuracy ±0.1s
Ambient temperature ≤35℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
Overall dimension 360mm×360mm×790mm