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  LOKASI :  Jakarta Timur

  AKTIVITAS :  11/05/2022


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The Simret F2 is an in-cab brake tester with Bluetooth connectivity.

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15 / 11 / 2021
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Detail The Simret F2 Is An In-cab Brake Tester With Bluetooth Connectivity.

Testing Instrument
Simret F2
The Simret F2 is an in-cab brake tester with Bluetooth connectivity.

Designed to be fitted permanently in the vehicle cab, the Simret F2 is quick and easy to use and ideal for daily brake testing by the vehicle’s driver during shifts.

Regular brake testing can be an effective way of reducing accidents, and with the Simret F2 this testing can take place with minimal disruption to working routines.

The Simret F2 can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle cab, and settings can’t be changed without access to the one-click control panel, which is secured with tamper-proof security screw.

The Simret F2 is ideally suited for the brake ratio method of brake testing, recommended as best practice in brake testing for rubber-tyred vehicles operating in quarries, open cast coal sites and mines.
How it works
Testing is activated by pushing a single button. A bright, blue light will illuminate to notify the driver that testing can begin. The driver then accelerates to the recommended test speed, and once that speed is reached the driver simply applies the brakes to bring the vehicle to a stop.

The result is displayed with a green light for a pass, or a red light if the brakes fail to meet the preset levels required. This simple traffic light system immediately alerts the driver of the vehicle to a problem.

The pass/fail lights will remain illuminated while the vehicle is running for a preset period. This can be set for any duration between 1 hour and 10 days. Lights can also be fitted to the exterior of the vehicle to indicate to managers and supervisors that the required testing has been carried out.

The Simret F2 is fitted with an SD card for storing test results and can be configured to back up automatically when the instrument powers down.

The device can also be configured to automatically upload results via Bluetooth when the vehicle is parked for maintenance.
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