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  AKTIVITAS :  11/05/2022


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HD2070.K1 3-channel vibration analyzer kit for IEPE accelerometers

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22 / 04 / 2022
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Dengan hormat, Kami PT.Mitra Katiga Sejahtera menjual alat laboratorium lingkungan.

Detail HD2070.K1 3-channel Vibration Analyzer Kit For IEPE Accelerometers

Vibration Meter
HD2070.K1 3-channel vibration analyzer kit for IEPE accelerometers in compliance with ISO
8041, ISO 2631, ISO 5349 and IEC 61260 normatives.
• Measurement of the vibrations transmitted to the hand-arm system and to the
whole body with Fa, Fc, and Fz band-pass filters and Wb, Wc, Wd, We, Wj,
Wk, Wh, Wm filters compliant with ISO 8041, ISO 2631 and ISO 5349
• Data logging functions with 8 MB memory and SD card.
• Octave bands from 0.5 Hz to 2 kHz and third octave bands from 0.3 Hz to
3.2 kHz real time spectral analysis of the acceleration according to IEC 61260
with velocity and displacement calculation (“Spectral analysis” option).
• Statistical analysis with probability distribution graph, calculation and graphical
display of the percentile levels from L1 to L99 (“Statistical analysis” option).
• Digital recording of the accelerometer signals (“Digital recording” option).
• Recording of vocal comments associated to the measurements.
• Measurement range 110 dB, linear range 80dB.
• RS232 and USB serial interface.
One tri-axial accelerometer or up to three mono-axial accelerometers can be connected
to the analyser.
The options indicated in the description, the accelerometers, the connection cables
and the adapters ARE NOT included in the kit.
The kit includes:
• HD2070: 3-axis vibration analyzer with data logging and storing of vocal comments.
• HD6188: Silicone grease.
• HD6273: Wax tray for accelerometers gluing.
• 080A90: Glue for quick fixing.
• HD2070MC: 8 GB SD memory card.
• CP22: USB serial cable for PC connection. Alternatively, it can be supplied on request the HD2110CSNM cable for RS232 (COM
type) serial ports.
• “Noise Studio” software for PC with Windows® operating systems downloadable from Delta OHM website.
• User manual and carrying case.
• ISO 9001 calibration report for HD2070 vibration analyzer according to ISO 8041.
Options available for HD2070 analyzer
HD2070.O1 “Spectral analysis”: measurement of the acceleration spectrum in octave bands
from 0.5 Hz to 2 kHz and third octave bands from 0.5 Hz to 3.15 kHz class 1
according to IEC 61260.
ISO9001 calibration report according to IEC 61260 of both banks included.

HD2070.O2 “Statistical analysis”: acceleration probability distribution graph and calculation of
the percentile levels from L1 to L99 in 1 dB classes.

HD2070.O3 “Digital recorder”: digital storing of the accelerometer signals in the memory card
for subsequent analyses. Export to WAV format with Noise Studio software.
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