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GD-0719A Automatic Wheel Tracking Tester(Scientific Research Type with

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16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail GD-0719A Automatic Wheel Tracking Tester(Scientific Research Type With

Testing Instrument

GD-0719A Automatic Wheel Tracking Tester(Scientific Research Type with Single Wheel)


The Automatic Wheel Tracking Tester is designed and made as per industrial standard T0719-2011"Wheel Track Test for Bituminous Mixtures" in JTG E20-2011"Standard Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering". It is used to determine the wheel track against property of bituminous mixtures under high temperature condition (Immersed in water or not immersed in water). It is also can be used to determine the stability in the high temperature of bituminous mixtures on site.


1. It adopts PWM modulator control , simultaneous control:

(1) Water temperature in water tank during water immersed wheel track test

(2) Ambient temperature of constant temperature chamber

2. The constant temperature chamber adopts outside circulatory heating mode, uniform temperature field, high temperature stability, no overshoot.

3. Simultaneous display of time and displacement, time and temperature curves during the test, which provide practical basis for the research institutes to study the wheel-track properties of Bitumen mixtures.

4. Absolute temperature sensor is used to collect the temperature, so that long-term test without temperature drift (Eliminating the effect of long-term operating temperature drift of common thermocouple temperature sensors on test data).

5. The mechanical structure adopts the wheel movement method, which is the same with foreign products, the test data is closer to the actual situation.

6. This instrument is single wheel research type wheel-tracking tester. It can determine both water immersion or non-immersion wheel-tracking test.


  • Main Technical Parameters:

(1) Applicable Standards: T0719-2011 in the industry standard JTG E20-2011 of Chinese Ministry of Transport

(2) Rolling speed of grinding wheel: 42 times/min+1time/min (one way)
(3) Walking distance of dolly: (230±10)mm
(4) Rubber Hardness of grinding wheel: 78±2 (International Standard Hardness)
(5) Grounded pressure of the test wheel: (0.7 ± 0.05) Mpa (at 60℃), adjustable to 0.8 or 0.9Mpa
(6) Displacement detection range: (0 to 30) mm
(7) Displacement detection accuracy: less than ±0.01mm
(8) Test time: (60-240) min
(9) Incubator control range: Ambient temperature to 80℃(can be set up optionally), control accuracy ±0.5℃

(10) Overall dimensions: 1520mm*770mm*1510mm
(11) Overall weight: 250kg
(12)Test mold size: 300mm * 300mm * 50mm (standard), wheel-track test to the thickness of (30 ~ 100) mm of test mold

  • Main Technical Parameters:

(1) Working methods: Immersion test and Non-immersion test
(2) Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.1℃
(3) Ambient temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃
(4) Test mode temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃
(5) Number of temperature measurement channels: 2 channels
(6) Number of test specimen that can be tested Simultaneously: 1
(7) Number of health test items: 3
(8) Rolling movement method: Test wheel rotation

  • Working Power:

(1) Three-phase power supply: AC380V, 50Hz, 10A, three-phase four-wire system, with zero line
(2) Single-phase power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 5A, single-phase three-wire, with grounding wire

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