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Back Scattered Dust Monitor

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17 / 10 / 2021
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Dengan hormat, Kami PT.Mitra Katiga Sejahtera menjual alat laboratorium lingkungan.

Detail Back Scattered Dust Monitor

Dust Monitor

Back Scattered Dust Monitor (SPM)

Back Scattered Dust Monitor for Ideal monitoring opacity and smoke levels in the exhaust gas of industrial combustion or air filtration processes. It is a self-developed online dust monitoring device, which uses the mainstream technology of laser backscatter measurement with imported core components. It is mainly used for continuous monitoring of various sources of emissions of particulate matter concentrations. It can be equipped with CEMS, used alone or several together, or form a dust monitoring network with a shared data acquisition and processing unit.

The backscattered dust monitor is conveniently mounted on one side of the stack and usually requires no light absorber or beam dump on the opposite side of the stack. The backscattered light will be processed in the sensor into electrical signals. The circuit part will realize the photoelectric conversion, laser beam modulation, signal amplification, demodulation, light source power control, V/I conversion, and HMI display. Calibrator is used to generate stable optical signals for zeroing and span calibration of the device. The Back Scattered Dust Monitor design has been implementing the thinking of “no tool” on-side installation, to minimize the complexity of field installation


  • laser backward scattering principle can prevent the laser beam from swinging When the refractive index is uneven during the mechanical vibration at an uneven temperature
  • Single-side installation without optical path alignment.
  • The on-site dispel can read the dust concentration in the field.
  • After the laser beam is modulated, the system can significantly improve its anti-interference ability.
  • The device design has been implementing the thinking of “no tool” on-side installation, to minimize the complexity of field installation.
  • (4-20) mA standard industrial current output makes the connection easy. Device overall power consumption is very low at around 3w.
  • Generally, the standard setup parameters are applicable to the flue wall with a thickness less than 400mm and a diameter greater than the device stack label size. The measuring area can be customized as required. Users may also adjust the area under the approval and guidance of the maintenance personnel and also adjust the area under the approval and guidance of the maintenance personnel.

Model VBDM-150
Digital Ouput RS 485
Certification TUV
Accuracy -/+2 %
Response Time Less than 10 seconds
Display TFT Touch display
Operating Power 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Analog output 4-20mA
Power Supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Reslution 1 mg /Nm3
Linearity +/- 1 %
Auto cleaning Facility Yes using moisture free instrument air or compressed air
Calibration Performance SPAN & ZERO check facility available
Measuring Range 0-100, 0-500 , 0-100 mg/Nm3
Relay Outputs 1 NO, 1 NC available
CPCB Online Connectivity Yes Cloud base Server to CPCB &SPCB
Data Storage capability Up to 2 years inbuilt data storage facility available
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