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YS6002-M Benchtop Color Haze Meter

YS6002-M Benchtop Color Haze Meter

Update Terakhir 23 / 12 / 2022
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Detail YS6002-M Benchtop Color Haze Meter

Testing Instrument

Product Presentation
The YS6002-M benchtop transmittance color haze meter is a domestic color haze meter independently developed by 3nh with independent intellectual property rights. The instrument meets the transmission D/0 (diffuse illumination, 0° direction reception) geometry specified by CIE 15 Optical structure (it can also achieve approximate transmission 0/0 (parallel light illumination/0 degree reception) geometrical optical structure). The instrument's lighting source is a 360-780nm composite full-spectrum LED light source (D65), and the 10nm interval spectral collection is achieved through a precision concave grating and a 256-pixel CMOS detector. Accurate testing of various optical indicators (haze, transmittance, chromaticity, color difference, yellowness, whiteness, cobalt platinum index, Gardner index, etc.) is achieved in accordance with industry standards. It is widely used in the national standard pharmacopoeia color measurement, glass processing, plastic processing, film, display processing, packaging industry, liquid chemical analysis and other industries for haze analysis and transmittance testing. It supports trace transmission measurement.

Features of YS6002-M Benchtop Color Haze Meter

a. High hardware configuration: 7-inch TFT pure color capacitive touch screen; 20000 storage space; concave grating;
. Higher optical configuration and optical resolution, 154mm integrating sphere, concave grating, 256 pixel CMOS detector, dual optical path;
Use a 360-780 full-spectrum combined LED light source with high life and low power consumption (close to the D65 light source spectrum);
Independent light source detector and temperature sensor, always monitor light source and environmental changes to ensure reliable test data;
Two standard observer angles of 2/10, multiple light source modes, multiple color systems, meeting multiple standard chromaticity indicators, and meeting various customer requirements for chromaticity testing;
Good man-machine interaction and test accuracy and stability;
PC software has powerful function extensions;