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  • TSS200 Portable Suspended Solids Analyzer
TSS200 Portable Suspended Solids Analyzer

TSS200 Portable Suspended Solids Analyzer

Update Terakhir 29 / 12 / 2021
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Detail TSS200 Portable Suspended Solids Analyzer

Portabel Total Suspended Solid
Suspended solids refers to solid material suspended in the water, including inorganic, organic matter and clay sand, clay, microorganisms, etc. Those do not dissolve in the water. Suspended matter content in water is one of the indexes to measure the degree of water pollution.

Suspended matter is the main cause of turbidity of water. The organic suspended matter in the water is easy to be anaerobic fermented after deposition, which makes the water quality worse. Therefore, the content of suspended matter in the water should be strictly monitored to ensure the water is clean.

The portable suspended matter tester is a kind of portable suspended matter tester specially used for detecting suspended matter in sewage water. It adopts the design of all-in-one machine, the equipment occupies a small area, follows the national standard method, and is suitable for the suspended matter detection of industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, domestic wastewater, surface water in rivers and lakes basin, chemical industry, petroleum, coking, paper-making brewing, medicine and other wastewater.
•Compared with colorimetric method, the probe is more accurate and convenient in the determination of suspended matter in water.

•TSS200 portable multifunctional sludge concentration, suspended solids tester provides fast and accurate measurement of suspended solids.

•Users can quickly and accurately determine suspended solids, sludge thickness. Intuitive directory operation, the instrument is equipped with a strong IP65 case, portable design with safety belt to prevent accidental fall of the machine, LCD high contrast display, it can be adapted to various temperature conditions without affecting its clarity.

•Portable mainframe IP66 waterproof rating;

•Ergonomically shaped design with rubber washer for hand operation, easy to grasp in wet environment;

•Ex-factory calibration, no calibration required in one year, can be calibrated on site;

•Digital sensor, fast and easy to use on site;

•With USB interface,rechargeable battery and the data can be exported through USB interface.
Technical specifications

Measuring method
Measurement range
Measurement accuracy
Less than ±5% of measured value

(depending on sludge homogeneity)
Display resolution
Calibrating spot
Standard liquid calibration and water sample calibration
Housing material
Sensor: SUS316L; Host: ABS+PC
Storage temperature
-15 ℃ to 45℃
Operating temperature
0℃ to 45℃
Sensor dimensions
Diameter 60mm* length 256mm; Weight: 1.65 KG
Portable host
203*100*43mm; Weight: 0.5 KG
Waterproof rating
Sensor: IP68; Host: IP66
Cable Length
10 meters (extendable)