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TR-RC15096 Rust Characteristics And Corrosion Tester

TR-RC15096 Rust Characteristics And Corrosion Tester

Update Terakhir 18 / 12 / 2022
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Detail TR-RC15096 Rust Characteristics And Corrosion Tester

Testing Instrument


This instrument is made as per standards GB/T11143, GB/T5096 and SH/T0023. It is a multifunctional tester for determining corrosion and rust-preventing characteristics of petroleum products. It can also be used to do determination as per standards ASTM D130 and ASTM D665.

Main technical features:
1. This instrument is a kind of multifunctional tester. It has high performance cost ratio.
2. It adopts LCD temperature controller, heater and electric stirrer to form the constant bath. The temperature in bath is uniform. The temperature controller has timing function. It can control the test time and automatically timing.
3. The instrument equips a standard color board imported from USA. It can meet requirements of test method.

Main technical specifications:
1. Power supply:AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz
2. Temperature sensor:Pt100
3. Temperature control range:(0~100)℃, set at will.
4. Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
5. Temperature display mode: LED
6. Temperature control heating power:600W
7. Auxiliary heating power:1000W;
8. Time controlling range:1 minute~24 hours, can be set at will
9. Time display:LED
10 Sample testing positions:Four positions
11. Ambient temperature:Room temperature~35 ℃
12. Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
13. Maximum power consumption:1800 W