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  • Trawas lite
Trawas lite

Trawas lite

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Trawas Lite

Portable Kit for testing raw, 
recreational and waste water as 
well as beverages. One box 
containing everything you need to
perform fast water tests on site.

The Portable Microbiological Laboratory
start-up kit consists of:
• Compact Version, reduced weight to 12 kg
• Fully operatable with highest quality components  
made in Germany
• Affordable price due to concentration to the key elements 
according to long experience
• Complies to latest standards
• No sample preparation required
• Can be transported during incubation
• Modular version with wide range of accessories and options 
acc. to customer‘s needs
• Can be upgraded to be independent from mains
• Can be upgraded to temperature balanced model
• Sustainable instruments for very long lifetime
• App with GPS data available

Incubator Specifications:
> Temp. range: +30°C....+50°C ± 0.2
> Count-down timer max. 36 hours
>  Microprocessor controlled, alpha- 
numeric 4-line display, 4 languages
>  Heated lid, for highest temp.  
>  Two red LED’s indicating  
heating cycle
>  Each chamber independently  
controlled by temp. sensor
>  Third temp. sensor for outside 
temperature control
> Warm-up time: approx. 15 min
> Capacity: 2 x 250 ml (10 Petri dishes 
or 40 aluminium Petri dishes of 
> Dimensions: 200x180x150 mm
> Weight: 1.8 kg
>  Optional as model INCUS.3 with  
RS 232 /USB data output and built-in 
data logger, incl. software
Power requirements:
>  Vehicle battery 12 VDC
> 110/230 V AC mains power adapter
>  Rechargeable 12 V battery, 
with charger
>  Solar power station on