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Tenmars ST-140D Vibration Meter (1 Channel) with Datalogger

Tenmars ST-140D Vibration Meter (1 Channel) with Datalogger

Update Terakhir 07 / 12 / 2022
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Detail Tenmars ST-140D Vibration Meter (1 Channel) With Datalogger

Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter (1 Channel) with Datalogger
Model No.: ST-140D
Quality Product ~ Made in Taiwan

Wide frequency range of 10Hz to 5KHz
Acceleration, velocity and displacement measurement
Meets ISO2954 sensor for accurate measurement
Vibration sensor with magnetic adapter on 1.2M (47.2) cable
FrequencyLo range : 10Hz~1KHz meets ISO 2954 measurement
Hi range : 10Hz~5KHz
Data logger with 9999 records capacity
USB interface (ST-140D/ST-141D)
Offset adjustment used for zero function
Auto power off with disable function
Resolution: 0.1m/s², 0.01g, 1ft/s², 0.1mm/s, 0.01cm/s, 0.01inch/s, 0.001mm, 0.001inch
Technical Specifications:

Measurement frequency rangeAcceleration: 10Hz~1KHz(Lo);10Hz~5KHz(Hi)
Velocity: 10Hz~1KHz
Displacement: 10Hz~1KHz
Measurement rangeAcceleration: 0.5~199.9m/s², 0.05~20.39g, 2~656ft/s²
Velocity: 0.5~199.9mm/s, 0.05~19.99cm, 0.02~7.87inch/s
Displacement: 0.005~1.999mm, 0.002~0.078inch
FunctionAcceleration/Velocity: RMS, Peak, Max Hold, Hold
Displacement: Peak-Peak, Max Hold, Hold
Accuracy: ± (5% reading ±5 digits),ref. 79.4/158Hz, 23°C,<80%RH
Dimension: 156x73x35(LxWxH)
Power supply: 1.5V AAA alkaline battery x 6
AC adapter: AC 100~240V to DC9V/0.5A
Data stored: 9999 records (ST-140D)

1 x Meter
1 x User Manual
1 x Accelerometer
1 x Low noise cabe
1 x Magetic base
1 x Handheld probe + round probe + pointed probe
1 x USB cable and installation disk
6 x 1.5V AAA battery
1 x Carry case