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Respirable Dust Sampler

Respirable Dust Sampler

Update Terakhir 06 / 03 / 2022
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Detail Respirable Dust Sampler

Dust Monitor
Product Details:

Power Source
Weight ( in kg)
Approx 20kg
Particle Collection
Below 10 microns
220v to 420v
Mild steel
Working type

The Respirable Dust Sampler is meant for monitoring the Total Suspended Particles (TSP) in ambient air conditions. It also simultaneously used for sampling the pollutant gases like SO2, NOX, CL2 H2S, and CS2. These gases are analyzed to determine the concentration of specific pollutant.
Working : This high volume sampler separates the particles larger than 10 microns that are present in air stream. These coarse particles are separated before filtering the air on 0.5 micron size filter and allows the measurement of TSP and Respirable fraction of the Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM). The sampler draws the air with the help of high flow rate blower at a nominal flow rate of 1. 4 cubic meters per minute.

The air passes through the cyclone inside the sampler, the coarse and non-respirable dust is separated from the air stream using the centrifugal force and is collected inside a sampling bottle. This dust size varies from 10 to 100 microns. The fine dust with a diameter of less than 10 microns will pass through the filter paper.
Instrumex Respirable Dust Sampler is based on the simple design standardized by USEPA for monitoring the Total Suspended Particles (TSP) in Ambient air and also simultaneous sampling of pollutant gases like SO2, NOx, CL2 H2S, CS2, etc. These gases are analyzed subsequently by simple chemistry method to determine concentration of specific pollutant.


Particle Collection: Below 10 microns collected on filter paper and bigger than 10 micron will be collected in a separate sampling bottle, through a cyclone separator.
Bower Motor: The instrument has a Brushless and Noiseless motor which has replaced the conventional high speed blower which was belt driven and where carbon brushes were required to be replaced at regular intervals. Therefore there is no need to keep track of the belt & the carbon brushes.
Programmable Timer & Relay : To set the ON Time. Programmable Relay for superior motor protection in case of Hi and Low voltage.