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  • Portable Precious Metal Tester XRF Spectrometer
Portable Precious Metal Tester XRF Spectrometer

Portable Precious Metal Tester XRF Spectrometer

Update Terakhir 24 / 01 / 2022
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Detail Portable Precious Metal Tester XRF Spectrometer

Testing Instrument
Portable Precious Metal Tester XRF Spectrometer
The unique portable Cube 100 XRF spectrometer made by LABOAO is designed to meet the requirements for the measurement of gold, silver, platinum and elements inside precious metals, as well as the content of the inner wall of jewelry. Using high resolution SDD or Si-pin detector, Cube 100 can analyze Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Zn, Ni, Ir and other elements. At the same time, it can test Cd, Pb and other hazardous substances.

The compact design of Cube 100 makes precious metal testing much easier with the features of small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and one-key intelligent operation in testing, everything makes precious metal detection so simple!

The Cube 100 is compact and light in design, with a net weight of no more than 5kg. The device comes with a handle for easy carrying; a universal test stand, which is convenient for testing small parts samples and mixed metal jewelry, etc.; a built-in camera can provide accurate pictures for the samples to be tested and save them In the test report; the instrument is equipped with three sets of collimator combinations of Ф1mm, Ф2mm and Ф4mm, combined with the sample cavity, can meet the needs of testing samples of different sizes.

Application Fields

Element analysis of gold, platinum, silver and other precious metals in various kinds of ornaments.
1.Easy to carry: The compact and ingenious design of Cube 100 makes it easy to carry with a handle and 5kg in net weight only.

2.Universal testing stand: The unique testing stand design makes the testing of content of the inner wall of jewelry and widget samples, mixed metal accessories easily.

3.Built-in camera: The built-in camera positions testing spot precisely. The sample testing spot can be saved in testing report.

4.Collimator combination: The combination of three different sizes of collimators including 1mm, 2mm and 4mm and big testing chamber caters to the needs of different spot size testing requests.

5.FP software for outstanding analytical flexibility: Auto match of different working curves under FP mode supports one key intelligent testing.
Cube 100
Measurable elements
S to U
Sample types
solid, powder
Element analysis range
Simultaneous analysis capability of dozens of elements
Multi-optional analysis and identification models
Mutually independent matrix effect correction model
Multivariable nonlinear regression program
Analysis Accuracy
0.05% (content ≥96%)
Ambient temperature
Operation Humidity
Power input
220V AC
Sample chamber dimension
Instrument dimension
Net weight
Si-pin Detector or SDD detector (optional)
X ray tube
Auto switch of Ф1mm、Ф2mm & Ф4mm
Filter types
Al, Ti, Cu
Bottom light system
High definition & resolution 5 inch PDA. Flexible & easy operation of software installed in the Windows CE Microsoft system, which supports for PDA system upgrades and software upgrades efficiently.
Light indications
Power and radiation lights.
Protection system
High voltage auto switch-off while cover is opened
Samples are placed on universal test stand. Samples can be placed arbitrarily.
Report output
WiFi printer (optional)
Safety packing box size