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Portable Low Volume Air Samplers

Portable Low Volume Air Samplers

Update Terakhir 06 / 03 / 2022
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Detail Portable Low Volume Air Samplers

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Portable Air Samplers
Model No : IPM-971

The Model IPM-971 is the latest addition in the Instrumex brand of Air Samplers. It is the most compact Air Sampler with customized flow range options. It accommodates a rugged diaphragm pump which is capable of continuous operation without overheating. Specially designed for workplace & indoor environments, the IPM-971 has also proved its prowess in outdoor environments with medium to heavy dust density. A programmable timer allows automatic sampling and with inbuilt charging circuit ensures continuous sampling in AC power while the battery is being charged. Provision to accommodate 2 mdiget glass impingers (35m1. Capacity) for gaseous sampling.

Devices For Sampling
- Acrylic Filter Holder to accommodate Filter Papers (size 25mm & 47 mm Dia.)
- 2Nos. of Glass Impingers to analyze Inorganic Gases Such As SO2, NOx, etc,
- Activated Charcoal Tubes for analysis of Hydrocarbons & Solvent Vapor.

Key Features
• Simultaneous Sampling of Dust & Gases
• Rechargeable Battery with Run time 10Hrs.
• Programmable Timer, Automatic Start & Stop
• Option for 0-5LPM, 0-500mLPM, 0-200mLPM
• Extremely Portable & Ultra Silent operation

a) To determine the General Background Levels
Industrial Hygiene, Personal Exposure Monitoring
c) Verifying efficiency & effectiveness of control measures