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Microwave Digestion/Extraction System

Microwave Digestion/Extraction System

Update Terakhir 15 / 11 / 2021
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Detail Microwave Digestion/Extraction System

Oven & Microwave
Technical Parameter
Power & Frequency: Program-controlled High-frequency Resonant High-voltage microwave power; Input power:3000W; Industrial-grade Double -magnetron Microwave Output power, 0-2000W(Control at Will); Microwave frequency, 2450MHz .

Microwave Furnace Chamber: Stainless Steel Cylindrical Furnace Chamber Volume, 70L; Multi-layer PFA Coated Inside; Long Product Life Time and Easy-to-clean.

Volume And Number of Sample: Vessel Volume, 100mL/Vessel; 1-12 Vessels at one time.

Sample Input Mode: Lift-type Sample Input Platform: Overhead-type rotatable furance door design, easy to input and take out vessel with lift-type sample tray.

Pressure Monitor: Non-conatct Pressure Sensor Monitor, Developed from techonolgies of Phial-form Metal Clips with High Elasticity, Optical Ranging System and etc. The Pressure Sensor could real-time scan and monitor every vessel's pressure with a visual pressure curve display.

Temperature Monitor: Special Non-contact Middle Infrared Temperature Monitor, real-time scan and monitor ample solution temperature with a visual temperature curve display.

T-P Meaurement: Temperature Range, Room Temperature~300℃( ±1℃); Pressure Range, 0~10Mpa(±0.01MPa)

High-Pressure Digestion Vessel: Frame-style High-pressure Digestion Vessel, PEEK for exterior vessel, TFM for inner vessel; Working Pressure, 0~6Mpa, Maximum Pressure≥15Mpa; Working Temperature, 0-250℃, Maximum Temperature≥300℃

Working Mode:1) Able to create, edit and save more than 100 kinds of digestion methods. 2) Maximum 10 digestion steps setup for every method. 3) The intellingent heating reate control mode and thermostat control mode are bulit in.4) The acutomatic colling mode is also bulit in with the function theat cooling stop condition is adjustable.

Multiple saftety Precautions: More than 10 active and passive security functions inclduing: 1) Industrial-grade Cylindrical Furnace Chamber and Overhead-type Explosion-proof Door Design. 2)Real-time monitor of temperature and pressure for every digestion sample. 3) Over-pressure alarming limit. 4) Elastic pressure-controlling protection device. 5) Overheat and over-current protection. 6) Abnormal noise detection protection. 7) System failure self-check and warning. 8) High-temperature and high-pressure resistant framework for digestion vessel. 9) Non-destructive pressure-realeasing groove. 10) Three powerful centrifugal exhaust fans (exhaust capacity, 5.8m3/min) to protect operator from harmful gas.

Intelligent Control: Visual and convenient to use with full touch screen, Display working parameter any in real time(temperature, pressure curve and tec); Standard RS232 interface provided for the connection with PC.

Other Parameter: Power, 110/220V AC, 50/60Hz ; Size, 650×630×470mm; Net weight, 70Kg.