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  • LV-T5 Visible spectrophotometer Brand Laboao
LV-T5 Visible spectrophotometer Brand Laboao

LV-T5 Visible spectrophotometer Brand Laboao

Update Terakhir 16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail LV-T5 Visible Spectrophotometer Brand Laboao

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LV-T5 Visible spectrophotometer

A spectrophotometer is commonly used for the measurement of transmittance or reflectance of solutions, transparent or opaque solids, such as polished glass, or gases. In chemistry, spectrophotometry is the quantitative measurement of the reflection or transmission properties of a material as a function of wavelength.
  • ModelLV-T5
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package


Spectrophotometry is often used in measurements of enzyme activities, determinations of protein concentrations, determinations of enzymatic kinetic constants, and measurements of ligand binding reactions. The use of spectrophotometers spans various scientific fields, such as physics, materials science, chemistry, biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, and molecular biology.

LABOAO is proud to introduce the T5 series of visible spectrophotometers based on the STM32 embedded computer. The series uses advanced color touch screen technology and keyboard parallel input mode for easier operation and higher reliability. Combining our more than 20 years of manufacturing and customer service experience in the spectrophotometer product industry, regardless of optical system design, mechanical structural design, electronic circuit design, software interface and functional design, or product manufacturing process level, production process quality Control, after-sales service efficiency, etc., have reached the international advanced level in the industry.

Excellent optical system design, high-quality optics and long-life tungsten lamps make the instrument stable and reliable for a long time.

Leading ARM chip control and fast data processing; with 4.3-inch color touch screen display and user-friendly navigation menu design, convenient map display and data viewing; large-capacity memory, can store massive test data; optional U disk data export, USB connection A variety of data output methods such as computers.

Easy to use photometric, quantitative, qualitative, time measurement, multi-wavelength measurement, GLP and other general purpose special functions. In addition, the instrument interface, English automatic switching, light source life monitoring, clock management, automatic wavelength calibration and other auxiliary functions.

Strict manufacturing process and 32 key quality control points make each instrument very durable.

Long product warranty and free installation and use training, as well as affordable supplies and accessories, let you buy peace of mind, peace of mind, after-sales peace of mind.

Products are widely used in medicine, food safety, biochemistry, daily chemicals, environmental monitoring, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fish, optical materials, petrochemical and other fields, is a general-purpose analytical instrument commonly used in laboratories.


1. 4.3-inch color touch screen technology and keyboard parallel input mode, easy to operate.

2. Navigation menu design, testing is simpler and easier to use.

Built-in photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, qualitative measurement, time measurement, multi-wavelength measurement, GLP-specific program;

3. U disk data export, USB connection computer

4. A variety of accessories are optional:5-10cm optical path cuvette holder, automatic sample holder, peristaltic pump autosampler, water thermostatic sample holder, peltier thermostat sample holder and other accessories.


1. Photometric measurement: You can select the single-point test wavelength and test method you need in the range of 320-1100nm to measure the absorbance or transmittance of the sample. The concentration of the sample can also be read directly by entering the standard concentration or concentration factor.

2. Quantitative measurement: Measure the sample solution of unknown concentration by curve of known parameter factor or automatically establish standard solution curve; have first-order, first-order zero-crossing, second-order, third-order curve fitting, and single-wavelength correction, double Absorption correction such as wavelength, three-point method is optional; standard curve can be stored and recalled;

3. Qualitative measurement: Set a wavelength range, scan interval, and then measure the absorbance, transmittance, reflectance, and energy of the solid or liquid sample at intervals. It is also possible to scale, smooth, filter, detect valleys, save, print, etc. the already measured maps;

4. Time measurement: Time measurement is also called dynamic measurement. The sample is scanned according to the time range of absorbance or transmittance according to the set wavelength point. The absorbance can also be converted into concentration or reaction rate by input concentration factor.

Enzyme kinetic reaction rate calculation. A variety of map processing methods such as scaling, smoothing, filtering, peak-to-valley detection, and derivation are available for you to choose from;

5. Multi-wavelength measurement: It is possible to set up to 30 wavelength points and measure the absorbance or transmittance of the sample solution.

6. Auxiliary function: accumulative time of tungsten lamp lighting, independent turning off and on of tungsten lamp, operation language selection (Chinese, English), automatic wavelength calibration.





Optical System

Self-aligned; 1200 / mm imported holographic grating

Wavelength Range


Spectral Bandwidth



Wavelength Accuracy


Wavelength Repeatability


Photometric Accuracy


Photometric Repeatability


Stray Light


Noise Level

0% line noise: 0.1%; 100 line noise: 0.2%


±0.002Abspreheating more than 1hour

Baseline flatness

±0.002Abspreheating more than 1hour

Baseline dark noise


Luminosity range


Test mode

Absorbance, transmittance, energy

Light source

Tungsten lamp


4.3inch 56K Capacitive touch screen

Software package


Data output

USB U disc

Power supply

AC90250V/ 5060Hz

Dimension (L×W×H)mm