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  • LV-T3 Visible spectrophotometer Brand Laboao
LV-T3 Visible spectrophotometer Brand Laboao

LV-T3 Visible spectrophotometer Brand Laboao

Update Terakhir 16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail LV-T3 Visible Spectrophotometer Brand Laboao

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LV-T3 Visible spectrophotometer

A spectrophotometer is commonly used for the measurement of transmittance or reflectance of solutions, transparent or opaque solids, such as polished glass, or gases. In chemistry, spectrophotometry is the quantitative measurement of the reflection or transmission properties of a material as a function of wavelength.
  • ModelLV-T3
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PackagePlywood case package


Spectrophotometry is often used in measurements of enzyme activities, determinations of protein concentrations, determinations of enzymatic kinetic constants, and measurements of ligand binding reactions. The use of spectrophotometers spans various scientific fields, such as physics, materials science, chemistry, biochemistry,Chemical Engineering, and molecular biology.


1. Photometric measurement: It is convenient to measure the absorbance and transmittance of a sample at a specified wavelength.

2. Quantitative measurement: automatic establishment of standard curve, first-order / first-order zero-crossing, second-order, third-order curve fitting, multiple measurement analysis methods, optional standard curve can be stored and called;

3. Qualitative measurement: Supports continuous recording of up to 100 data points, automatically finding the maximum absorption peak wavelength position:

4. Kinetic Measurement: Enzyme Kinetic Reaction Rate Calculation

5. Multi-wavelength measurement: Data test supporting up to 10 wavelength points

6. Auxiliary functions: automatic wavelength calibration, clock management, light source management, wavelength correction management, language selection


1. High stability: optimized optical system and integrated aluminum base structure design to ensure long-term reliability and stability of the instrument

2. High degree of intelligence: The dual CPU embedded system hardware design is super reliable, 126X64 bit LCD display, rich instructions, no need to read the manual, easy to use, custom wavelength correction and wavelength auto-calibration function, eliminating manual adjustment. The light source usage time is automatically accumulated for easy viewing. The light source switch menu can be selected to be turned off when the instrument is not in use, effectively extending the service life. The Chinese and English languages can be automatically switched.

3. The menu is complete: photometer mode, quantitative analysis, multi-wavelength test;

4. Convenient data processing: can store up to 1000 sets of data, can be built-in and external printer output, or optional spectrum analysis software and computer connection for data processing and analysis

5. Optional accessories: 8-slot automatic sample holder, single-slot micro sample holder (minimum 50UL sample). 5-10 cm sample holder (suitable for water quality analysis). Single or three-slot water bath cuvette holder (suitable for constant temperature sample testing requirements).





Wavelength Range

320 - 1100nm

Spectral Bandwidth



Optical System

Self-aligned; 1200 / mm imported holographic grating

Wavelength Accuracy


Wavelength Repeatability


Luminosity range

-­0.301 to 3A ; 0-200%T; 0-9999C 0- 9999F

Photometric Accuracy


Photometric Repeatability


Stray Light



±0.002A/hr @500nm

Light source

Tungsten lamp


128X64 LCD display

Data output

USB interface, Centronics parallel port (optional with mini internal and external printer)

Power supply

90-250V/AC 50-60HZ