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  • LS-609 Mie scattering wet laser particle size analyzer
LS-609 Mie scattering wet laser particle size analyzer

LS-609 Mie scattering wet laser particle size analyzer

Update Terakhir 05 / 12 / 2022
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Detail LS-609 Mie Scattering Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Testing Instrument

product details
LS-609 is a new intelligent and high-performance full-automated laser particle size analyzer based on LS-POP (9). The imported He-Ne laser emitter as light source can realize shorter preheating time and more stable laser power. The modern intelligent measurement control & analysis software and full-automated sample feeding system improve the user experience greatly, LS-609 owns more concise & effective measurement process and more stable & reliable results, it’s easier to compare among measurement reports.

Applications: Measure the particle size distribution of powder or latex.

Principle: Light is an electromagnetic wave. When light meets with particles on it way of traveling, the interaction between light and particles will result in deviations of part of the light, which is called light scattering. The bigger the scattering angle is, the particle size will be smaller, the smaller the scattering angle is, the particle size will be bigger. The particle analyzer instruments will analysis the particle distribution according to this physical character of the light wave.

1. Theory: Mie scattering
2.: Measuring Range: 0.1~1000μm
3. Sample Feeding: wet dispersion
4. Repeatability: <1% (standard sample D50)
5. Alignment: intelligent automated alignment, accuracy of alignment: 0.5μm
6. Scan frequency: 1 kHz
7. Measurement Duration: 1-2 minutes
8. Number of Detectors: 49
9. Light Source: imported He-Ne laser, power: greater than 2.0 mW, wave length: 0.6328 μm
10. Environmental Requirement:
Temperature: 5-35℃
11. Report Items: Particle size distribution table & graph, Average diameter, Median diameter, SSA, etc.
12. Dimension(L X W X H):838 X 265 X 295mm (mainframe), 938 X 365 X 395mm (outer packing)
Technical features:
1. Reliable optical platform
1.1. Use horizontal straight light path layout, no reflecting prism, light path is stable and reliable.
1.2. Good designability for base, good consistency of light path.
1.3. GB/T4857.18 drop test has been passed.
1.4. Laser power module uses irrigation method for sealing, good moisture resistance and good electrical stability.
1.5. Modular construction design, maintenance is more convenient.
1.6. Use debugging tools to adjust/position main detector and auxiliary detectors, more accurate positioning. Help to obtain more accurate large-angle light energy data, so as to improve the instrument’s testing performance for small particles.
1.7 The all-in-one housing design, it’s dust-protected and water-proof.