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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Copper Corrosion Tester

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Copper Corrosion Tester

Update Terakhir 18 / 12 / 2022
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Detail Liquefied Petroleum Gas Copper Corrosion Tester

Testing Instrument

Description :

The instrument is designed and made for Copper Strip Corrosion of Liquid Petroleum Gas. It is suitable to determine the corrosion of liquefied petroleum gas to copper strip.

Main technical features:

1. Desktop structure. Motor stirring. Digital temperature controller. The temperature of water bath is uniform and control precision is high.
2. Test bombs are made of stainless steel material. Good pressure and corrosion resistance.
3. All parts complete. Equipped with imported standard color board and copper strips. Easy to operate.

Main technical specifications:

1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
2. Temperature controlling range: Room temperature~100.0℃
3. Temperature controlling accuracy: ±0.5℃
4. Temperature sensor: Pt100
5. Heating power: Two grades,heating power of temperature control is 600W, auxiliary heating power is1000W
6.Rotating rate of stirring motor:1400RPM
7. Time-delay range: 0.01s ~ 99h 99min
8. Sample testing positions: 2 positions
9. Ambient temperature: -10℃~35℃
10. Relative humidity: ≤85%
11. Maximum power consumption: 1700 W