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LAAM01 Los Angeles Abrasion Tester Brand Gold

LAAM01 Los Angeles Abrasion Tester Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail LAAM01 Los Angeles Abrasion Tester Brand Gold

Testing Instrument

LAAM01 Los Angeles Abrasion Tester


This machine is mainly used to measure the abrasion rate of stone.


The machine is mainly composed of cylinder, sealing cover, bracket, mandrel, gearbox, motor, counter and other components.

Electrical controlling system has the functions of starting, inching controlling, stopping and timing.

Main technical parameters:

1). Equipment standard: ASTM C-1311, C-535

2). Speed: 30~33RPM

3). Counter: 4bit

4). Steel ball quality: 405~450g

5). Power supply: three-phase to four-wire

6). Power: 3phase 1.1KW

7). Inner diameter: Φ710±5mm

8). Inner length: 510±5mm


When you open the case, please check if there is damage on motor, reductor, bearing pedestal caused by transportation. If the fastener is loosened, please tighten it and install the equipment on flat concrete ground.When moving the equipment, please tie the rope to fame, but not cylinder.

How to use:

1). Before the test, you must check whether the circuit is intact, and pull the cylinder by hand to check whether the rotation is normal, (according to the direction of the cylinder rotation arrow), and at the same time adjust the counter to zero.

2). Put the crushed stones and steel balls into the cylinder, seal the cover and tighten the screws. Start the instrument and stop after reach to the preset number of revolutions, take out the sample.

3). Use a round hole sieve with a diameter of 2mm and a square hole sieve with a length of 1.6mm to remove the stone chips in the sample. Wash the gravel left on the sieve with water to dry the weight and weigh it accurately.