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GD-P4294 Portable X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer

GD-P4294 Portable X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer

Update Terakhir 19 / 07 / 2021
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Detail GD-P4294 Portable X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer

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GD-P4294 Portable X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer


1. It is especially suitable for various testing institutions to rapidly measure the element S from 16ppm to 10% in various oil products (such as gasoline and diesel fuel for vehicles, diesel and fuel oil for inland, offshore and ocean-going ships, and gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, etc. in circulation.

2. It is suitable for oil refineries, testing and certification institutions, oil depots, laboratories, etc. to rapidly measure the element S from 16ppm to 10% in various oil products (such as gasoline, diesel, heavy oil, residual fuel oil, etc.), additives, lubricants containing additives, and products in the refining process.

3. It is also suitable for the measurement of S element in any material in various industries.


1. GD-P4294 Portable EDXRF Sulfur Analyzer is a portable instrument. It is small and light, only 5kg (including battery, printer), easy to carry, no need of gas, vacuum, dilution, especially suitable for on-site rapid detection and analysis.

2. The launch of the GD-P4294 Portable EDXRF Sulfur Analyzer is the result of our company's self-transcendence, and will surely enable our company to maintain a long-term domestic leading position in the field of X fluorescence analyzers.


1. Fast and accurate---the required measurement time is extremely short, usually tens of seconds to give the content result. With high reproducibility and reproducibility.

2. Low detection limit---adopts EDXRF technology, low background and thin beryllium window proportional counter tube, secondary filter. Reach the lower detection limit.

3. Small and light---only about 5kg (including battery, printer), atmospheric atmosphere measurement without auxiliary equipment, especially suitable for on-site rapid detection.

4. Long-term continuous use---it has extremely low power consumption, using lithium-ion batteries, can be used continuously for a long time.

5. Strong adaptability---automatic C/H ratio correction, matrix effect correction, suitable for a variety of samples. Automatic working curve switching, suitable for wide measuring range.

6. Long-term stability---adopts variable gain digital multi-channel, PHA automatic adjustment, deviation correction and other functions, with excellent long-term stability.

7. Environmental protection and energy saving---radiation protection meets exemption requirements. No contact or damage to the sample during analysis, no pollution, no chemical reagents, and no burning.

8. Easy operation---touch screen operation. The sample is directly loaded into the sample cup, and after putting it into the instrument, you only need to press the [Start] key to truly realize one-key operation.

9. High reliability---integrated design, high degree of integration, strong environmental adaptability, strong anti-interference ability, and high reliability.

10. Data transfer and storage---it can store massive data, support data retention after power failure, and can be viewed at any time. Also it can transfer the stored data to the PC.

11. High cost performance-No need for gas, vacuum, dilution, and extremely low operation and maintenance costs. The price is rather competitive.


X-ray tube

Voltage: ≤10keV,Current: ≤1mA, Power: ≤10W


Ultra-thin beryllium window proportional counter tube

Detection limit (300s)


Measuring range

3 times the detection limit9.99%

Linearity error /Analysis accuracy

Meet the relevant requirements of GB/T 17040, GB 17411, ASTMD4294, etc.

System analysis time

1999s, recommended value: 300s or 600s for micro measurement, 100s for constant measurement

Operational environment

Temperature -10℃40℃, relative humidity ≤95% (35℃)

Power supply

20.8Ah, 11.1V built-in lithium-ion battery pack, can work for 5 hours under measurement

Power consumption


Dimensions and weight

242mm (W)×258mm (D)×142mm (H),5.6kg(including battery and printer)