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GD-H1152 Engine Oil MRV Mini-Rotary Viscometer

GD-H1152 Engine Oil MRV Mini-Rotary Viscometer

Update Terakhir 19 / 07 / 2021
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Detail GD-H1152 Engine Oil MRV Mini-Rotary Viscometer

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GD-H1152 Engine Oil MRV Mini-Rotary Viscometer


The MRV Mini-Rotary Viscometer is used to determine the borderline pumping temperature, yield stress and apparent viscosity of engine oils at low temperature. The test temperature control range is wide, from -5℃ to -40℃. The test process is all automatically controlled by a computer.


1. Temperature range: temperature range -5℃ to -40℃, temperature control accuracy ± 0.1℃.

2. Fully enclosed compressor refrigeration, large cooling capacity.

3. The temperature, period and rotor motion are monitored by computer.

4. Improved pulley assembly to enhance the stability and sensitivity of the pulley, photoelectric sensor test.

5. 5 rotors can be tested simultaneously.

6. The rotor has a transparent transparent plexiglass cover.

7. Microcomputer control, Windows operating system, full English interface.

8. The program automatically performs temperature control on the nonlinear curve to determine the yield stress and apparent viscosity.

9. Cleaning temperature control and temperature calibration function.

10. Viscometer constant calibration and storage.

11. Test results can be stored and printed.

12. Calculation and printing function of the “air-resistance type” and "flow restricted type" boundary pumping temperature.

13. The MRV Mini-Rotary Viscometer is equipped with special low temperature thermostat equipment.

14. Equipped with the newly developed defrosting system.


1.Applicable standards: ASTM D3829, D4684, GB/T 9171 (optional SH/T0562)

2.Refrigeration method: imported compressor refrigeration

3.Working temperature: 80~-40℃

4.Temperature control method: program temperature control

5.Heating method: heating tube heating

6.Detection method: Photocell detection

7.Control method: computer automatic control

8.Working unit: 5 Units

9.Working power supply: AC220V 50HZ