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GD-6307 Asphalt Content Ignition Furnace Brand Gold

GD-6307 Asphalt Content Ignition Furnace Brand Gold

Update Terakhir 16 / 10 / 2021
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Detail GD-6307 Asphalt Content Ignition Furnace Brand Gold

Testing Instrument

GD-6307 Asphalt Content Ignition Furnace

1. This Asphalt Content Ignition Furnace is in accordance with the people's Republic of China industry standard JTG E20-2011 Standard Test Methods for Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering T0735-2011 " asphalt mixture of asphalt content test (burning furnace method)" and 671-2006 JT/T "burning asphalt content tester" required by the design and manufacture of it.
2. The instrument can be fast, accurate, safe and reliable determination of asphalt content, it can be applied to determine asphalt content in asphalt mixture, and it also can be used in the analysis of asphalt mixture after burning, is all asphalt mixture production, research use other units to detect the ideal instrument asphalt content.
3. The instrument is also in line with ASTM D 6307-98 standard, AASHTO T308-99 standard technical requirements.

1. The furnace body is made of heat insulation material, the heat preservation effect is good, the preheating time is short, the temperature of the heating is fast, and can be up to the standard working temperature 538 in 30 minutes.
2. Heat insulation performance is good, the furnace internal standard operating temperature, furnace body external temperature below 45 ℃, high safety operation, effectively avoid the high temperature influence on the accuracy of measurement of electronic balance.
3. With a post combustion chamber two combustion function and high temperature filtration technology, the test gas emission standards.
4. Powerful software, which can display temperature, sample weight, weight loss, correction coefficient, asphalt content and bitumen aggregate ratio at same time.
5. Temperature adopts fuzzy control scheme, the temperature control precision is high, and the stability is good.
6. Safe and environmentally friendly, without using organic solvent that is harmful to the human health and the environment, is a kind of green environmental protection product.
7. Using special structure, to ensure that the key measurement parts at high temperature does not produce state error.
8. 7 inches industrial-grade touch screen, the screen showed large amount of information, simple and easy to operate, reliable into the sample, close the door and press the start button, the instrument automatically complete the test.
9. Real-time display test data, and has the self diagnosis, fault code prompt function, can inquire and pr℃ess historical data.
10. After the test, there is a voice prompt function, and can automatically save, print the experimental results.
11. Flexible data pr℃essing mode, can make the following choice (software, or software and hardware): connect with computer; Connected to the common printer; Download data with U disk; with the function of connecting to the Internet.


Maximum sample weight 4000g, recommended sample weight: (1000 ~ 2000) g
Maximum temperature of the combustion chamber 800 ℃, accuracy: ± 5 ℃, standard operating temperature: 538 ℃.
The highest temperature of the post combustion chamber up to 900 ℃
Combustion and filtration With a post combustion chamber two combustion function and high temperature filtration technology, the test gas emission standards.
The balance accuracy 0.1g, the balance scale: 10kg (by the United States imported special balance)
Asphalt content test accuracy 0.10%
The test time is fast 1200g test sample only about 30 minutes
The chamber dimensions 350mm*440mm*330mm
Dimensions 700mm*800mm*1550mm
Power supply AC380V ± 10V, 50Hz, current less than 40A (three-phase four-wire system, with zero line). 220V ± 10V, current less than 5A